How would you know if you are a sissy? And I don’t mean gay…

sissy humanityThis is a March 2017 update… Since I wrote this article, I have been able to measure your sissiness score… I call it the TLB Score (Twitchy Little Bastard score)… to what degree you are able to evolve as a human. Personally. You. Able and willing.

Want to know your score? Your life actually shows you… but if you think it’s the circumstances, or not being smart enough… you may want to find out what about you that doesn’t allow you to grow, to create a life worth living.

Get your TLB score… I measure it personally… it is not a questionnaire… How can I measure it? I am a True Empath… I can measure accurately a lot of invisible things about you…

OK… here is the original article.

Humanity is declining… Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?

I read a paragraph in an article, online, I can’t seem to find the article any more.

The article says that the United States became a world leader because of its attitude of innovation, and hard work, but today: U.S. consumers spend significantly more on potato chips than the U.S. government devotes to energy Research and Development.

Research and Development, innovation, is what makes a country grow, and it needs people who can cause growth. People who can think. Who are willing to think. Who enjoy thinking, getting to be pioneers… work long hours, be uncomfortable… Not for the money, but because they love challenges. 1

Thinking is hard work, by the way. When a group of people decides to make a living almost exclusively by doing the hard work of thinking, their DNA, after a few centuries, adapts to this new reality: thinking is important.

It is a huge sacrifice: they need to and want to develop that capacity at the expense of fun, ease, good times, money, or looks.

i-am-no-mean-you-are-just-a-sissySacrifice is a dirty word in today’s America. In just a few hundred years, in 6-8 generation the people living in America became sissies, complacent, lazy, “positive” only thinkers.

I have to admit, that on the genetic level, Americans were never a diligent bunch, but the circumstances of having unlimited dreams that hard work equals the American dream, plus having hardships (friction), and finally self-selection, actually gave the impression that Americans are hardy and will go far.

But the moment it became relatively easy, people chose easy over anything hard… reliably, count-on-ably, always.

Add to this “positive thinking” or more the idea to avoid anything negative, and America became this tepid pool of dummies… on the way down.

In my work, both in the raising vibration aspect, in causing Expanding Human Beings, and in my work to arrest the mite epidemic, I am finding this laziness, this sissy attitude a huge barrier to be able to cause anything.

declineI have a few students from developing countries, that show the difference: they are more willing to do the hard if that doesn’t conflict with their religious convictions.

The difference between countries is staggering.

Very few have a culture where personal growth is even possible. In other cultures, even cross-countries, the attitude of no-trust, unwillingness to listen to anyone other than self…

brain-erase-130603There are cultures where obedience, unthinking obedience rules. Other cultures are argumentative.

But I haven’t found a culture that was interested and supportive of personal growth, other than within the confines of the official routes… becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a business man.

My latest observation is that the only way to get rid of the mites is tight discipline, using some really abrasive products…

One of the products is ginger tea. After asking how much ginger to put in the tea, I find that they put 10 times less than I suggested… The results are therefore not produced.

I don’t know how to make people toughen up.

asleep-2I am not the only “teacher” who struggles with this: I was on three webinars with the same guys this week, and their biggest beef with students was that they expect to play war of warcraft all day, and still have the results they signed up for.

tumblr_lh0x3r2tIp1qdugjzo1_500The illusion that you can produce results with a little work here and there, doing what you like to do, enjoy to do, is all over: look at yourself if you have fallen for that.

Nothing was ever produced without effort, and the more effort the more valuable the result. Because it takes effort to break out of the inertia of ordinary, lazy, commonplace, unimaginative, and self-serving attitudes… just like a space rocket’s effort to leave the stratosphere of the Earth… that is 99% of the effort.

If you think you can achieve anything with your hands tied behind your back, multitasking, listening to teachers, reading romance novels, taking care of your pets, worrying about your weight, chemicals in the world… you are sorely mistaken… you won’t. You can’t.

And if my experience is any close to how it is: you need to break out of the stratosphere almost every day, until you can reliably reach the state of effortless forward motion… The more people you have in your life who think they live on Easy Street, the more often  you need to do effort route.

On another note: when the society is set up in an “egalitarian” way, like communism, where you are provided the minimum necessary for survival whether you worked for it or not, the more a society and its people benefit not according to their contribution, the less the people want to work.

The year before I left Hungary, I recruited talent for my land development company. I found out, with horror, that none of those people actually knew how to produce, or wanted to produce.

An article says: “the current welfare system provides such a high level of benefits that it acts as a disincentive for work”.

Friction, the secret motivator of personal and societal growth disappears in an “egalitarian” system, and only the people who want to grow because they are self-challenging will grow.

Try out if you are one of those people: If I ask you to eat a Habanero pepper… can you do it? If you can’t, then you aren’t. For you the benefits don’t outweigh the discomfort of the “hot-hot flaming hot, burning your mouth, your esophagus, your stomach” pepper… and that is your relationship to life: comfort, easy, pleasant trumps all.

My experience of people got really enriched by me offering the service to remove energetic leaks, attachments, spells, curses, and cords. All lethal, all debilitating… but as long as the person can get away with carrying them around, they will… buy energy supplements, rest, buy organic… but won’t go through the ordeal of having those attachments removed… no obvious threat to life… just take some superfood… lol. That is the state of humanity today.

Want to know if you have energetic attachments?

I’ll send you an email with the number of attachments you have… Most people don’t have any. They are just a sissy…

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  1. The Chinese, in spite of their current boom, are not creative people. They steal technologies… don’t create.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “How would you know if you are a sissy? And I don’t mean gay…”

  1. This is an insightful article. The work ethic and the innovation that built the US and to a lesser extent Canada is mostly gone. People today are lazy and complacent, unwilling to develop themselves and contribute. They want the state to take care of them.

    America has moved far away from what the founders envisioned and is steadily declining. Your comment that certain people from the third world are still willing to work is interesting. I suppose they experience enough discomfort to be willing to take action.

  2. Michael, when will you learn that the type of comment you tend to write is scholarly and egoist… showing people how smart you are… not.

    On the other hand, if you think that my article isn’t complete without your input, please, bluntly say that… I have no problem with that. That may be a contribution.

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