My secret weapon

A powerful energy bundle that releases all the knots inside that keep you stuck, bent like a pretzel. Priceless. Energies from three energy masters bundles.


The Big Bundle of energies other people sell piecemeal... I am going to sell you as a bundle.

We all hear and read about energy healing, but most of that healing doesn't work or it's disappointing.

But here is an energy tool that works... Really.

July 29, 2018. As you may know I accidentally poisoned myself. The toxin came from food, and according to muscle test there was a 90% chance it was going to kill me. And it felt exactly like that.

After a few days I looked what I could use... nothing chemical, Source said. Nothing physical, Source said. Energy? Maybe, Source said.

When I say Source said, I mean: I muscle tested while connected to Source.

Finally I settled on the "Big Bundle" and I could hear as the dried out, dead parts of my colon started to break up, and break off... I felt almost immediate relief. I have done the treatment two more times, and today I actually had appetite to eat a little bit, and I now know I'll live.

This Big Bundle is my secret weapon. It is big because the energies are big.

The story

I first heard about Mr. T., the ugly Indian energy master, from my client and massage therapist... She raved about how he caused cows to give more milk and trees to bear more fruit. In addition to healing people.

Bull sh*t, I thought, but didn't say it.

Then when this Mr. T offered an inexpensive sample session to try his transmissions, I paid my $20 to try it. The session was two hours of testimonials, and 2 minutes of energy. What a racket!

But the energy was strong, so I signed up for his six months once a month subscription.

Two times out of the six Mr. T could not get it up... believe it or not, it is not that easy to get into the state where energy obeys your command. You need to be in vibrational harmony with the energy...

And when you need it most, you aren't in vibrational harmony... lol. When you are sick. Or in anxiety. Or worried. Or hurried. Or angry. Or afraid.

But I went to the sessions and at the end of the six months, I sneaked into some sessions for free...

I asked Source if it would duplicate the energy, and duplicate the energy of Gopal, Mr. T's student, an energy master on his own right... I wanted the energies so I can use it in my sessions, and so I can really test them.

The ugly that turned out to be a blessing

Mr. T came out with an energized water product (I already had mine selling well) and a student of mine sent me a bottle. And then the unimaginable happened, Mr. T's name immediately brought psychic attack against my person and my water (read the articles I wrote about that) so I could not utter his name any more, can't even think it. Bummer.

For a month or so I was busy removing the attachments Mr. T's curse put on them... it was highly infectious: it could jump from one person to the next on a coaching call... it was murder and a highly dangerous time.

How the Big Bundle was born

That was the occasion to prompt me to "bundle" the energies of the two Indians, and for good balance, I also added the Energizer to it. I named the bundle Big Bundle... very creative, lol.

What's in it?

The Big Bundle has proven to be a powerhouse. Mr.T's energy, narrow swath, Gopal's energy, as wide as your shoulders, and the Energizer, a diffuse soothing energy. No part of you is left out, and the middle of you is covered by all three energies, so nothing will be missed.

Gopal's energy is like a silver hammer with a tiny silver chisel... opens any smaller blockage, allows cysts to drain, your sinuses to drain, and as you saw, remove the dead and deadly tissue from my intestines.

All three energies are energies to remove blockages. They stop when they find one and work on it, until they can untie the knot.

How I use the Big Bundle, daily, to serve you

I mostly use the Big Bundle to diagnose: anything that is out of order will show up in the path of the energy: will stick out like a sore thumb. Gotcha! And once I know what's up, I can specifically deal with the problem. I even use it to locate the attachments on you... it is the fastest way to find them all.

But this use, as a diagnostic tool, it doesn't give enough credit to the Big Bundle: don't be mistaken, these are healing energies, it is just my personality to futz with blockages... instead of just bathing them in nice strong energies.

My opinion, my personality is, that if someone has gall stones, or if someone has parasites in her gall bladder, or has ear ache, infected sinuses, etc. then those need to be removed: simply showering them with energies won't do much.

So I use the Big Bundle to find the trouble, and then I use Source energy and MY intention to push the energy, much like when you do the dishes, you use a scrubbie... when you want to unplug the drain, you use a plunger... not just more water, right? The dishwasher can't clean everything, only most of it.

So the Big Bundle is like putting YOU into the dishwasher... most of what's wrong will come off, and if you have burned on stuff... I can come with my scrubbie and spot clean you.

What an image, isn't it? You in the dishwasher... lol.

What could you get?

Mr. T sells his session, in essence his 2-3 minute long energy transmission for $100 a pop. There were 2-3 thousand people on the Sunday calls when I attended. For me it was worth it... I learned how energy effects my body... it was a good way to experiment, to find out what was the correct mindset to make the energy downloaded do the best for me.

Because the energy always co-creates. It is not really like the water in the dishwasher... it goes deep, and unless you are in a receptive and co-creative mode, it just slides off the surface and doesn't go inside.

Bad news, isn't it?

My Big Bundle behaves the same way.

It's like an expensive and rare Stradivarius... 1 In the hands of a Paganini, it is magical. In your hand? Maybe a violin... maybe. Maybe scratching sounds. Maybe do-re-mi-fa... But not virtuoso violin music.

But we can look at it another way too: taking a shower with no soap, no scrubbing won't get you very clean. The more skillful you are at paying attention to the stinky, sweaty parts of your body, the cleaner, the better smelling you'll be.

I have had people take a shower in my house before their hands-on healing session, and when they came out of the shower, they still smelled bad...

So, your overall results will depend on your skill level, on your attitude, and on your intelligence.

Attitudes that won't work

Your attitude:

--if you have the attitude that what you have is bad and you need to get rid of it, then the energy won't get your cooperation... because when you have that attitude, energetically that means that you are unwilling to look at what hurts. Many of you have that attitude.

--If you have the attitude: Do me... then it won't work for you, because you are unwilling to be cause... or co-creative...

Attitude that will work famously

But if you are willing to give the five minutes a day, if you are willing to be fully there, fully present for five minutes a day, then this tool is going to mean the difference between unwell and well, depleted or energized.

Should you get it if your attitude is bad? Yes. Use it to change your attitude.

The attitude that would block these energies to work miracles on you is the same attitude that prevents you from having it all, love, peace of mind, health, and money.

So it is worth spending five minutes a day until your attitude, finally will let go and start working with the energies.

You'll know.

How do the energies work?

The three energies, T-G and the Energizer, get downloaded and start coming down, like the rain, like the drops of the shower, scanning your body. When the energies encounter a leak or a blockage, they stop, bzzzzz, and now you know: you have a leak or a blockage.

In the three minutes of the energy download I download the energies about 15 times, so it starts again, and again, and again.

If it keeps on getting stuck at the same place, then you may consider contacting me and asking me for an opinion. It is either an attachment, or a blockage, both can be removed manually, just like you would scrub the dishes with the burnt on food before you expect the dishwasher to wash them clean.

Many blockages can be washed away in a 3-minute energy download

. And once you are reasonable unblocked, the big blockages will readily show up to be handled.

But even if you never do anything beyond doing a daily regimen of the Big Bundle Energy, you'll be healthier and happier than most people you know.

So, how much is it going to be?

If you use the Big Bundle audio, that carries the energies, you'll get each time more than what you got with Mr.T's energy transmission, which was $100 a pop. That is $30K a year... and you are not limited to use it just one year. The audio doesn't expire.

So what should it cost? How much should I sell you the energy for?

I decided to sell it for half of one session with Mr.T's group goes for.

For a limited time you can get this audio for $50.

And I'll throw in a bonus: if you get it, I will give you a 50% discount on one 1-on-1 healing session, after all you had done the work.

Sometimes the procedure that needs to get done takes only a few minutes, so you can get it done for $25, and you don't even have to come to the call.

I have removed gall stones, removed blockages in the sinuses, etc. in as little time as 3-4 minutes...

Attachments, cords, curses and spells:

Some of you will be able to find attachments, energy leaks on your energy body, and once you feel it, once you know where it is, you will be able to remove it like you can remove a weed. Gently, so the roots don't break...

The Big Bundle will show you where these attachments are. Especially those of you that get attachments frequently. Or those of you that are still listening to the gurus that bind you...

It's a lot cheaper than hiring me to do the work.

Are you sold? Want it?

I have the audio ready.

In the next few weeks I'll add a mindset audio to change your attitude so you can be all there to work with the energy.

And you can use my pulling attachment youtube video for instruction on how to do that.

OK, enough talking... here is the link to buy.

Warning: this is a personal copy of yours. Do not share it. What goes around comes around... just don't do it.


After payment, Paypal will take you to the registration page. If you have already bought the Energizer, the Harmonizer, or the HOE long range, you already have an account. Just log in where the form says: if you already have an account... that will allow the website to know what you bought.

If you are new, you'll have to register... confirm your email, and wait for me to approve you. I'll muscle test if I want to sell you the audio. If not, then I'll refund your money. No hard feelings, I hope. But if it is not for you, then it's not for you.

There are no refunds on energy purchases.

Get the Big Bundle... just a few minutes a day keeps the doctor at bay
PS: Please leave a testimonial below this article if you like the product. The more detailed the better. Thank you.

PPS: this is not like an activator that you can play in the background. You need to make time, sit in a quiet place in a quiet state, and DO IT. Don't come to me complaining it doesn't work if you didn't do it the way I ask you to do it: there, fully, cooperating with the energies.

PPPS: To buyers I have a My Secret Weapon webinar recording to help you use the Secret Weapon effectively.


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