Dominant beliefs found to act like attachments

tree growing inside lung15 years ago I met a guy who was into energies. It all sounded a tall tale to me, somewhat irritating, to tell the truth. After all I knew everything about everything… don’t you?

Anyway, I was proven wrong soon, and became a convert.

Energies became very real for me, as physical as dirt and milk and bread… Soon I was training to become an energy practitioner, and I worked on him, on myself, and even traded for massage therapy…

My favorite, absolute favorite move was “Pattern pulling.”

Patterns are thought forms that burrow themselves into your energy body, and then, once they set root, they grow. You can see the similarity to attachments, the only thing that is dissimilar is that it actually comes from yourself, for the most part.

I still like to pull patterns the old way, but this morning I realized that patterns can be found and pulled exactly the same way as attachments, and it’s much faster and more effective that way.

A harmful pattern takes 30 minutes 5-6 times longer with the “other” method, and about five minutes with the attachment pulling method.



broken fragmented energy fields due to attachments

when you have no energy leak

energy attachment

Your dominant belief effects you and effects others

Often your thought form is so dominant, that it effects other people in your environment. The massage therapist I traded with had a powerful pattern about herself, that everyone who she loves leaves or dies.

Her husband just had a liver transplant… they were both recovering alcoholics, they met at AA. Her pattern was successfully killing her husband every day. He was fading, and fading fast.

I managed to pull the thought form in one sitting. Result: her husband fully recovered, still alive, they are still sober and married. This was 14 years ago.

You don’t know what is running your life…

…you may see a little bit of it, but you don’t really know.

Often what you think it is only in the neighborhood, not an exact match. That is why many programs don’t work as well as they could… for example Landmark Education, or even my Pebble program, or my Soaring program. All of these rely on pinpointing the thought form exactly, and it is very hard, because you need to use your mind… and the mind isn’t interested in helping you get rid of a thought form… it likes to keep everything the way it is.

But if I can identify its location, where it attached to you, I can pull it without knowing what it is ahead of time… or even while I am pulling it.

Energy is energy: once it is detached, i.e. the cord it cut, you are free to learn to live differently than you have.

As I said in another articles, I’ve had this “I am going to be thrown out” thought for a long long time… and it is still there. But today, when I wanted to find the energy by the words, muscle test says: that is NOT the thought form.

The thought form underneath is that I am illegal, unlawful, undesirable, a persona non grata, have to hide and steal because legally I can’t have what I want because of being illegal… wow, complicated, isn’t it?

It has nothing to do with reality: it is a thought form that pretends to be reality.

Of course, finding it physically is as hard, especially on myself… But using “elimination” technique, I found it finally on myself.

I am doing this as I am writing… exactly the same way I work when I pull other people’s attachments… document it fully.

Next step: grab it and pull it and pay attention what is happening.

OK, I pulled it. Now the real experiment begins: if my pulled thought form will really stop influencing reality, it will be clear and a lot of circumstance WILL change.

I’ll keep you posted.

This is a new discovery

PS: this is brand new, and I just made an agreement with Source to call these fundamentally harmful thought forms an attachment… So if you have had your attachments removed, I didn’t touch these… because these weren’t really attachments before. But from now on I’ll find these, as a matter of course… so be prepared for your life to change.

Is this to extract more money from you?

P.P.S.: Honestly, this is a brand new discovery, as new as this morning.

I know it sounds, maybe, like another way to extract money from you, after all, if you have had your attachments pulled… if I tested you today, you would have a “new” attachment on you… but it is really an old dominant belief, a thought form, just categorized today as an attachment.

To help you out, (if you have already paid for all your attachments to be removed before) I’ll pull this dominant belief/thought form for you for free, if you are quick, and you are among the first 10 who ask me to. If you haven’t had your attachments removed, this offer doesn’t apply to you. You need to first send me a request to check you for attachments, and pay the fee I charge to remove them. No free lunch, sorry.

It’s actually harder to find, that’s why I don’t offer it to anyone.

Of course you have to be one whose attachments I have already pulled.

If I find more than one attachment on you, I won’t do it, sorry. It will mean that you have gotten new attachments from the outside.

Complicated? Sorry. Just ask me and I’ll let you know.

To make sure I know what I am talking about, I have volunteered to pull some of these from three 1 students I know suffer with a strong and harmful dominant belief.

Don’t be mistaken, you’ll have to re-learn to live, to live better, be more courageous, less impulsive and less forceful… etc.


Could your money beliefs change with with pulling your core belief about yourself?

P.P.P.S.: you see why programs that try to change your mind, conscious or unconscious, can’t work. This is NOT in the mind! This is somewhere rooted in your energy body… on your chest, on your heart, on your neck, on your intestines… NOT on your “mind”.

There are no “separate” money beliefs. There is one core belief about yourself, and every “wrong belief” is a derivative of that.

Of course if you have lived decades resigned that you can’t… that no matter what you do, nothing is going to change… and therefore have no education, no skills, no abilities, then your money situation will have a real hard time to change overnight… but after this “surgery” you’ll be willing to learn, willing to work, willing to think… and that should make some improvement with time.


  1. Dominant means one. You have one dominant belief, and everybody has one.
  2. If you haven’t had your attachments removed, please start that process by sending me a donation.
  3. If you, like Jennifer, had them checked and had none, you can just email me and I’ll send you a link to have this dominant belief attachment removed
  4. I cannot just remove this attachment, unless this is the only one you have. I have to remove them all, because this feels exactly like every other attachment… So, sorry, if you want this removed, you have to pay for the whole enchilada. Is it worth it? It is definitely worth it… the other attachments are killing you too!

PPPPS: ok now, with quite a few of these removals under my belt, I have some insights:

  1. Depending on your age, and how set in your ways you are, this type of attachment, the Dominant Belief about yourself, may have to be removed a few times before it takes.  Of course, it’s free… as long as it is the same attachment, all my work is guaranteed. New attachments, of course, need to be paid for.
  2. What you think is your dominant belief is, I think, the tip of the iceberg. I’ll write an article when I have enough examples… for now I will say one thing: it is your decision about who you need to be that restricts you more than the “why” of it. If this didn’t make sense, don’t worry, I’ll write an article about it, I promise
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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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51 thoughts on “Dominant beliefs found to act like attachments”

  1. Please check me if i am in the first 10,
    Or let me know if i have more than 1

    Thank You


  2. Sophie please check for my dominant belief, and whether I have more than one. Thank you.

  3. instead, you should ask me to remove the one you have… but you have to be headstrong and creative…

    with that said: you did not pay me to remove your attachments, so this offer doesn’t apply to you. If you want to pay for the removal of this dominant belief, and everybody has one, then contact me through email and I’ll send you a link to pay.

  4. Hi Sophie,
    Could you please check me? This is really a breakthrough. It makes so much sense. Am I in the first 10? Thank you for this thought.

  5. Hi Sophie,
    I didn’t have any attachments by previous standard, can you please check if i have more than one thought pattern? Thanks

  6. Ann, you haven’t had your attachments removed, so this offer doesn’t apply to you. This is NOT an offer to check if you have attachments… it is an offer for people who paid me 5-100-200 dollars, and now I am springing a new attachment on them that I didn’t know existed at the time.

    So, if you want to start the process of attachment removal, please send me a donation through this link

  7. all thought patterns come from the dominant one. And everybody has one.

    This offer is for people who have paid. If you want to have your dominant pattern removed, please contact me by email and I’ll give you a link to pay.

  8. and I have answered: if you haven’t had your attachments removed I have to remove ALL attachments, can’t just remove the dominant belief attachment, sorry.

    Which means you need to start with the donation.

    I’ll check how many attachments you have and how much you should pay for me to remove them all. I also send a link to pay and how much in my answer.

  9. Sophie,

    Does it help to know the dominant thought pattern to possibly help avoid it returning, or is enough to just pull it, your thoughts?


  10. Will, I don’t know if it helps, but I can’t tell from pulling it. I can tell the emotion, but not the content of the thoughtform. It can be identified in a conversation.

    My feeling is that it is not useful… you make it re-attach by repeating and putting attention on it.
    In your case, my hunch is that yours has something to do with speaking and having confidence about it.

  11. Wow! Sophie, spot on, you are so accurate, that is one of my biggest challenge and I am so impress with the speed on how you do it. I am so excited to be free from it that I have paid for the removal now.
    Thank you so much…xxx

  12. Hi Sophie,
    Am I in the first 10? I’d like to be free…
    (You removed my attachments recently)

  13. openings for what? you need to read the article carefully and THEN make a comment. This is NOT a free offer for anyone other than the people who have paid for their attachment to be removed. You haven’t… so even if I had 100 openings, you don’t qualify. sorry

  14. Dear Sophie,
    You removed 3 attachments from me around 14 April. I will be grateful if you can remove my ‘dominant belief’ attachment. (Bill me if I’m outside of the first 10 people).
    Thank you,

  15. OK Andy, here you go. OK… now that I pulled it, it has become clear that you need to work on your soul correction… it is now searing. That is not something I can pull, it is your job.

  16. Please send me the payment link for removing my dominant pattern. I did not have attachments. Thank you.

  17. That speaking issue does sound correct,
    I just got your recent email and i was wondering if mine stayed removed?

    Thank you


  18. Hello Sophie,
    I guess by now I am outside of the 10 count. As I had several attachments removed a month or two ago, which payment link should I use for this surgery ?

    btw – “see” you on Thursday for the big bundle webinar.

    Very respectfully,

  19. Hi Sophie,
    I had attachments removed very recently. May i please have the dominant pattern removed?
    Many thanks Harj

  20. Hi Sophie, please send me the link for the dominant thoughtform removal. Thank you

  21. Dear Sophie, thanks for this article. I’ve just started doing cord removal on myself and others and just a few days ago was getting confused between cords and beliefs and also realised that it is absolutely possible to ask for the fundamental belief and be told it. It is also easy to read the details of the cord or belief after cutting it, using Rose Rosetree’s method for cord cutting (I haven’t studied with her, just using her book) I didn’t think it possible before but tried it and it does work, if you are connected to something from the etheric level. I feel that this work is really WANTED by spirit and so we have a lot of help. Its also totally fascinating.

  22. hi Sophie,
    recently you removed about 30 attachments for me. I hope that you will remove my dominant belief (pattern) also? Can you check that for me please?

  23. you are dealing with imaginary spirits and such, and therefore we are not doing the same work. I wish you good luck.

    The difference between what you “follow” and what I teach is the similar as between a many gods system and a one-god system: the two shall never meet.

    When you use your imagination, which you must if you are “being told” then you are approaching things with the mind… Rose Rosetree vibration: 170. Truth value: 7%. Your vibration: 100. I would be careful claiming results: you probably don’t.

  24. Hi Sophie,
    Thanks for your fast reply and for all your trouble. Again: you are right on spot I think..
    I let you know if something comes up!
    Many regards, L

  25. Hi Sophie,

    Will you please send me the link to pay for having the dominant belief pulled out?

    Thank you.

  26. Ronda, I have decided to give the dominant belief removal free to all the people that had their attachments removed before, and of course you have. So I’ll just do you with no payment. I’ll send you an email when I am done.

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