Now that your dominant belief is removed… Now what? What should you expect?

inconvenient-truthOK, let’s look first what you have been expecting? Because this dominant belief issue has been around for quite a while, and you probably blamed your lack of happiness, success, love, etc. on this dominant belief. You’ve wanted it for so long… your life is going to change… so, how did you expect your life to change? Ponder that a little bit, the article will be more valuable if you know what you have been expecting. OK?
Know it? Then you can proceed…

So let’s first look at what the words mean. Then we’ll examine what has kept you lacking happiness, success, love, etc…

It’s obvious to me, that if I had a chance to quiz you, you would not guess the answer… this is what happened on my regular Sunday call, yesterday: my partner could not guess what happens when this dominant belief, I call twist, is pulled… So I don’t expect you to know, I’d love to lead you to figure it out for yourself, but I don’t trust me and I don’t trust you. We have a history, don’t we?

So: what is belief? Belief is a thought. A particular thought in that it makes a generalization about you, about others, or about life, about the nature of things. So it’s a thought.

Now, as I have written in a previous article, thoughts don’t influence readily your life. They may influence your emotions, but not your actions. 1

Now, your emotions, created by the thought, i.e. the belief, are stronger and more effective in influencing your life… but even those are not the ultimate influencer.

The ultimate influencer are your actions.

But what influences your actions, you ask?


My experience is that what influences your actions is what you see.

For example, if you want to get out of a room, and you see a door, you walk to the door and try it. If you want to get out of a room but you see no door… you’ll despair.

In Landmark, what you see that will most influence what you do is called “an opening for action” much like a door.

Your “dominant belief”, the twist in your growth… did not remain a thought, it became a rule. A rule to be and a rule to act in a particular way.


  • The world is dangerous, THEREFORE I need to lie low. I MUST.
  • I am not good enough the way I am, THEREFORE I need to pretend that I am different (bigger, better, etc.) And pretend I MUST.
  • I am not acceptable the way I am, THEREFORE I need to hide behind a fake mask. And hide I MUST.
  • I am not bright enough, THEREFORE I need to spend the rest of my life to read, and be smarter than anyone to hide it. Hide it I MUST.
  • I am poor, I need help… THEREFORE I need to grab everything that is free. I MUST. 2
    • must resist
    • must not make mistakes
    • must know
    • etc.etc.


    Did you catch the drift?

    TribulationsNow, I am not addressing the “belief” at all. I am addressing the energetic conclusion… the being or the behavior that is after “THEREFORE” in the above examples. And don’t miss the “MUST” that comes after that. No choice.

    Pulling the “twist”, i.e. removing it from your energy, it removes the MUST.

    It doesn’t necessarily remove the THEREFORE… It simply gives you a choice, on a moment to moment basis, to continue doing what you have been doing, as if there were no choice, or do something new.

    You WILL see new openings for actions… doors to walk through. You’ll know that they are new. You’ll be surprised.

    The doors that will show up are opportunities for a different life with different results. Some will take it and most won’t.

    Why not? Because it is more convenient, more comfortable to just do the same thing over and over, and complain. That’s why.

    But it will be a lot easier to do the unexpected, than it would be without me removing the “twist”. The more you practice walking through doors, the more you’ll see that it’s no big deal.

    Will your feelings change? I don’t know. I am not working on feelings. You may feel afraid and still take a step. Or you may not.

    I am interested in actions. After all that is what decides your results.

    Will your attitude change? I expect very subtle shifts in your attitude, not enough to even notice on the short term. So if you are looking into your attitude to see if what I did worked, you are looking at the wrong place. Look at your actions.

    You KNOW what you normally do, so if you see yourself doing different things, moving when normally you stand, being silent when normally you talk, saying no when you normally say yes… getting up earlier, taking risks, picking up a book, stop fixing other people, be alone for a change… as many different actions as many people.

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    1. All the programs that promise you to change your beliefs are full of crap and aren’t worth a dime. Because your beliefs don’t influence your actions, and only your actions influence your life.
    2. My next door neighbors, four last-year law students, just moved out last night. Lots of almost brand new, good stuff is left a the curb. Among them a fancy garbage can. I looked. It is very early, so no one would see me. Shall I go and pick it up? Nah, I am not that poor… and I went back to work.

I used to be poor, and needy, but am not any more. Somehow needy and poor was connected to my now pulled twist, dominant belief. Gone.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “Now that your dominant belief is removed… Now what? What should you expect?”

  1. Hello Sophie, after you removed my dominant belief. I’ve done something today that I never thought I would be able to do. For the first time ever I’ve posted a personal pictures and express my personal feeling on my Facebook timeline. Before that I feel very uncomfortable and afraid to express my feeling. Thank you so much…xxx

  2. Hi Sophie, since you removed my belief of ” I am not acceptable the way I am, THEREFORE I need to hide behind a fake mask”. I suddenly spoke unexpected to a collegue about very personal things in my life without any of my old earlier mask or wall. Very liberating! Thank you so much! Even asked my ex to meet me and didnt care what the answer would be also very freeing.

  3. I did not ask you what my dominant belief is, but I have receieved a number of things recently, including a reduced-rent apartment in a better area of town. I am choosing to feel what I feel and not hold it trapped in my throat, and approaching this move and the others that follow with more confidence that I am resourceful, and that I can support myself.

  4. Anonymous, I had a conversation in the grocery store with a woman today. She was telling about her daughter, age 6, who doesn’t want to do certain things because she doesn’t like to do it. She says: it’s not fair.

    You can see that the roots of a dominant belief are already there: “I’ll only do what I like to do, otherwise I’ll whine.”
    Now, when I look at you, I see that 6-year old… So good things happening to you are NOT proof that the dominant belief was pulled, it is just the world conspiring to keep you the same.

    I’d like to hear from you telling me that you are starting to do things you don’t like to do so you can have what you want.

    I suggested to the woman, that she tells her child: Winners are people who are willing to do what they don’t like to do so they can have what they want. And people who don’t do the things they don’t like to do are all losers, just look around.

  5. That feels right on point, thank you. I am to find ways to toughen up and do things I don’t like to do to have what I want.

  6. Since you pulled my dominant belief yesterday I have an extra sense of calm and my stomach isn’t all in a ball. I feel different. This isn’t something I want to feel. This is something I feel and I like it. Thank you thank you

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