Can giving be evil?

desire to receive for the sake of sharingWhat is desire to receive for the self alone?

I have a client who is a do-gooder. Actually I have quite a few like him. He volunteers in a nursing home, pays for people’s attachment removal, giving is never far from his mind.

So when I told him that his dominant belief that he needs to be a giver, a do-gooder, and after I pulled this dominant belief he needs to start taking care of himself, and start growing.

Now, this flies in the face of what society tells you, what the church tells you.

Society is not interested in you, it actually prefers that you are anaemic, weak, tired, and stagnant. Society doesn’t like giants.

But LIFE does.

The distinction I borrowed from Kabbalah because it feels right is “desire to receive for the self alone”.



f6c08acb77b326321879d450dabf6957It sounds like any religion’s statement about selfishness, but it is very different.

“self alone” is very strictly defined: taking what belongs to another and giving it to someone else.

What is taken is not relevant to the distinction: it can be honor, virginity, sex, time, dignity, food, life…

And this is maybe still “normal” thinking… ok, if you take something from someone, then you practice desire to receive for the self alone.

But… a big but… if you take from yourself and give it to someone else: you also practice desire to receive for the self alone.

Who is the giver or who is the recipient is also irrelevant in this distinction.

Desire to receive for the self alone is the only evil, the only Dark Side there is.

If your soul correction is Revealing the Dark Side, (a lot of you) then you may be the giver, and yet your giving grows evil, grows dark side.

And that, my friend, is not “normal” thinking, but energetically correct thinking.

Which means socialistic society, welfare, etc. is growing evil, because it takes it away from some to give it to many.

And on the other hand, it is evil, because it takes it away from many and gives it to a few…

So, society is not your friend, and society will tell you to be self-sacrificial, one for all… bah humbug.

Your job is to grow without taking anything away from others, without taking anything away from you.

That is the law of Life.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. damn that was good… now write one about addiction and I might not like it so much haha

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