If the twist aka dominant belief removal doesn’t seem to make any difference

you will have to wipe your ass someday

How you do anything is how you do everything!

A client writes:

Do you check to see if the attachment came back or is this something I have to ask to be done.

My answer: I will check everyone

Unless I didn’t remove an attachment properly (rare) it won’t come back.

yours didn’t come back.

He: Would the activators assist in taking action after you pull the dominant belief pattern if they would you could help match an activator to whatever you pulled from each person.

My answer: The activators could only assist in taking action after I pull the dominant belief pattern but wouldn’t do it for you… i.e. you have to wipe your own arse… the activators only make it easier.

someone-wipes-my-ass-for-meWhat’s going on? Why won’t removing the “therefore” automatically work for everyone, without them having to do anything differently, get conscious, etc?

Please don’t forget: this is a transformational program: We are doing it together, i.e. co-creative.

This is much like having a heart attack, having a bypass surgery, and going right back to eating the crap you’ve been eating, or stressing over stuff.

Or going to rehab, spending a month or two there, and on your way home stopping by the pub to get a few drinks.

forget-to-wipeNothing in life actually works without your participation.

The client in question has never actually had the courage and the intelligence to look at himself. Yeah, it takes courage! It takes intelligence. If you are a coward and “therefore” you close your eyes and hide your head in alcohol, TV, sports, etc. then no matter what I do, you may continue doing what you have always done, not even noticing that you have a choice.

Because all that I can give you is choice. Turn left if you have always turned right. Before me pulling your “twist” you didn’t have a choice. Now you do. Use it.

But… the big but… if you never got conscious of what you are doing, you won’t notice the choice either.






MjAxMi0xODQxYzA3NmUxMGRkMjMwIt is typically men that suffer from having their head up their asses.

Why? It’s not in their genes, I think it is a societal conditioning. If you are not allowed to weep when you need to weep, if it is not manly enough, you’ll stop being present, you’ll stop feeling, and you become that head up your ass person… unfortunately.

If you have had this “therefore” action guy, you need to get your head out of your ass, and start observing yourself, your behaviors, especially the ones that are “of course I do that, what else is there to do?”

Without self-observation you are stuck, you are screwed, and no one can help you. Sorry.

Same applies to another client who wrote to me: “are there any other products you sell that I can use to help me train myself to get out of my head? Thank you”

He, and most of you, use my products to stay the way you are.

The way to get out of your head is to go somewhere else! Got it?

The way to change is to do something different.

You have been zigging… now zag! You’ve been thinking about stuff? Now observe your feelings, physical, emotional, dance, run, jump!

I cannot do it for you! And neither can my products. Only you can.

I make it easy or easier for you. But still, you have to do it.

If your relationship to yourself and to your life is: someone needs to wipe my ass… then we are not a good match, you are not a good match for life.

Start wiping your ass, and a whole new world will open up for you. A world of personal power.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

14 thoughts on “If the twist aka dominant belief removal doesn’t seem to make any difference”

  1. After the removal, catching myself seem easier, I experience looking at myself being a victim, seeing my passive-aggressive behavior, and now have a choice to let go, because I am responsible for this reaction.

  2. I do not express anger, I bottled up anger internally and explode once it’s beyond threshold. I fear being dependent, I fear intimacy and cannot trust (soul correction), I victimized myself to avoid taking full responsibility.

    If you must say things like this, say them in present perfect tense: that tense is the only honest tense in english: it say: this is what was true until now, the future is a blank slate.

    this is how it sounds: I have not been expressing anger….
    I have been afraid of being dependent

    and then add the therefore

    I have not been expressing anger… therefore the only thing I could do is explode when it became too much

    I have been afraid of being dependent, therefore I have withheld love and caring as the only solution.

    or with a different therefore
    I have been afraid of being dependent, therefore I have been doing everything to damage my relationship with loved ones, like cheating, gossiping, etc… I don’t mean you did this, this is just an example..

  3. it’s fine and dandy to be so self-analyzing, J, but what are the therefore’s… unless you have a handle on that, at least to a cursory degree, this whole thing is not going to work for you. Also, you want to pay attention to your wording: you are re-establishing the meaning, and the therefore with your speaking.

  4. So all my pretending to be lovable and kind is to cover up the fact that I cannot form emotional connection with anyone.

  5. Got it, thanks Sophie!

    I have not been expressing anger, therefore all I could do is explode when it became too much.

    I have been afraid of being dependent, therefore I withheld love and hurt anyone who tried to love me so they would leave.

    I have been afraid of intimacy, therefore, I built a wall to keep out anyone who wanted to get close to me, and I sabotaged the relationships for them to not work.

    I have been victimizing myself, therefore I didn’t have to be responsible for anything that’s not working in my life.

  6. ok good. Now that you have a choice, notice and then choose what you choose, but this time make it a conscious choice.

    the attention is on conscious choice… you may, for a while, choose the same actions, but this time consciousness is there…

  7. I used to want others to wipe my own ass. In this country you don’t have to grow up. You can be a baby all your life. That will probably change as the dynamics of the world are quickly shifting but that is beside the point. When I got deathly sick at age 24 I had to grow the fuck up quick or die. I had to learn to wipe my own ass. I had to start making decisions, thinking, moving, doing. Did I do it all right? Not at all and am still not. But I was confronted with a situation that did cause me to mature at a much much much faster rate than I would have otherwise. The one meme that most closely fits me would be “oh, you speak before you think?”
    however I feel so much better about that now than years ago. I used to feel I had to have an opinion. That it was my job to change others. To save the world. I realize now that changing myself is changing the world. Now I like to observe and usually only comment for fun or just to mess with someone else’s locked down boxed beliefs. When you first started working with me you probably thought WTF! I remember you nearly hung the phone up on me. I am still a work in progress . Keep the memes coming. I love them, they make me laugh, and they help convey your message. Like you said in an earlier article, seeing is different than reading.

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