Get paid your worth… The worst advice ever

get-paid-what-you-are-worth-4If I got paid what I am worth, I would be screwed. I really believe that I am worthless.

Instead I get paid what my work is worth to the buyer.

I have serious doubts about my own worth, but I have no doubt that my products work, my coaching works, my energies work, my services deliver what I promise.

It seems like I have a contradiction, but I don’t.

One of the reasons you struggle, because you have imprecise thinking. You are not astute.

Astute is a person who can tell apart different things with certainty.

One of the things you have been unable to tell apart is what is being said and what you add to it.

get-paid-what-you-are-worth-2For the most part, if I asked you, you wouldn’t be able to repeat most anything that someone else says: you’ll say your interpretation of it, as if that is what were said.

Why is this a problem? Because unless you develop this one capacity, nothing new will every reach you.

I observe people reading my articles. They nod. From their emotional state I can tell that they didn’t get it… They got what they already were thinking, not what I said.

This is exactly what happens in the area of self-worth, self-confidence, and what you should be paid for your work.

You behave like you have never heard that there is a difference between what YOU are worth and what YOUR PRODUCT is worth…

get-paid-what-you-are-worth-bookSo how do you use this to make yourself miserable?

You NEVER improve your product. You work on yourself instead… How you look, for example. Who the f… cares? That, how you look, has importance for exactly 2.5 seconds. Even if you are an actress… if your acting is lousy, will you have a lot of fans? A lot of gigs? NO.

You are a confused puppy, the opposite of astute, and you are off the hook. You don’t have to get better, do a better job, be a better companion, be a better teacher, salesman, or photographer.

get-paid-what-you-are-worthAnd then you live an empty, meaningless, unfulfilling life, and blame it on your husband, money, your skin color, your dominant belief… hogwash.

First off: you refuse to listen
Second: you refuse to use what you heard
Third: you refuse to get yourself on the hook…

One of my clients game me feedback: he printed the article I quoted from another website, that says: instead of having to do things, say that you get to do things.

Instead of resisting to listen unpleasant news that threaten to upset the apple cart, you get to upset your own apple cart, for a life worth living.
Instead of having to use what you heard, you get to use it.
Instead of having to put yourself on the hook: you get to put yourself on the hook…


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