The most instructional movie to illustrate consciousness awakening

that look is the first look of awakening consciousnessIn this movie, a man, unconscious of himself, his actions, of anything about himself, starts to hear his life narrated in his head (the Observer or the Witness), and starts living his life from that perspective, outside of his body, outside of his mind.

The movie is brilliant. Stranger than fiction. It stars Will Farrell, and Will Farrel could be you.

Now, here is a clue about you: how you will read this article can tell you everything about you.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

  • It will tell you your future more reliably than anything else you could hear or read.
  • It will tell you your level of intelligence.
  • It will tell you what you can hope to get out of my products, my courses, my work. Reliably.

Why? Because everything between you and being a human being boils down to consciousness.

Now, I know “other people” talk about higher consciousness and lower consciousness, but it is b.s.

Consciousness is consciousness. Do you have it functionally?

99% of humanity is unconscious. 1% is somewhat conscious. And eight people, out of 7 billion, are conscious.

My work, the work I do, can take you from unconscious to fully conscious.

The biggest barrier is for you is that you haven’t even comprehended what is consciousness that I am trying to awaken in you.

This movie is perfect for that.

Learn to become conscious from Will FarrellIn the movie, the voice in Will Farrel’s head: that is consciousness. He has it, you have it, I have it.

What’s special in the Will Farrel character is that he hears it, and checks it with reality.

Will you need intelligence to do what he does? Yeah. You will. Do you have it? Let’s hope so.

Side story: Almost 30 years ago I wrote an article about my experiences in a restaurant.

A week later, after the article was published, I was again in the restaurant.

I witnessed a family of three come in, with magazine in hand, and ordered “what Sophie ate”.

And then, the man read a sentence out loud and they all took a bite. Experienced what I experienced, and then continued to the next sentence.

My words in that article read out loud was the consciousness in their head, and I expanded their world.

The way to watch this movie is the same way: watch it once through, so you know what happens. Then watch a little bit, and track it in your life.

If you have seen the movie before, either because I recommended, or in the theater… If you say, oh, that? I’ve seen before! You just lost out. The movie passed and you are unchanged.

The job is to allow the world to change you. To allow my articles, my voice in your head, to change you.

But start with this movie: If Harold (I think that was Will Farrel’s name in the movie) can do it, you can.

The question is: will you?

Now, pay attention that it is not his thoughts that change, it is his actions. Like I suggest in the small miracles article. His whole life, his whole being changes in tiny steps. And what directs his actions is the awakening consciousness because of the voice in his head.

When I pull the “therefore” of your dominant belief, the next step is yours: you need to notice the actions you take, and the actions you automatically take. As if the voice in your head narrated it.

Things that don’t serve you, will drop by their own accord. New actions will become possible, new opportunities for action will open up.

Your life will go from predictably stuck, predictably repetitive to a new direction of your own calling.

Will you do it? Will you do it from now to ever?

This is not a campaign! This is not an event! This is the beginning of conscious living.

Or not… your choice.

95% of you will opt out. Will blame it on you, or something.

But 5% of you will slowly become conscious, to swell the number of conscious people from eight to many?

The life of a conscious person is their life. And you can do a lot with something that is yours…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “The most instructional movie to illustrate consciousness awakening”

  1. Just for a moment near the end of the film I had a moment of being aware of (my) consciousness, and what a gift it is. The actual pleasure of experiencing and processing feelings, thoughts, and sensations, and of knowing that I can make choices and take action in the world.

  2. Hi Sophie, Loved this film, At the beginning he lives his life to routine automatic, the script was written long ago. The scene where he brushes his teeth and first hears the voice is click, lights on, ( Thank you for the nod) I like the way he is innocent, and how he starts to notice what the voice is saying in relation to himself. taking action on things he only thought of doing in the past, making a fool of himself and still persisting. his life changes gradually, totally different, through small actions and kindnesses even though he knows he is going to die he eventually, willingly accepts his fate and surrenders with dignity even though there is pain his world on the other side has expanded again deeper and richer. Great metaphor, brings lovely tears.

  3. T, your job is to map it on yourself, not to enjoy it, explain it, blah blah blah. If you use it as entertainment, it won’t do you any good. You need to start hearing the narrator yourself… wake up to it. The Witness’ voice.

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