Want higher vibration? Here is what to expect…

dodgem: low vibration horizontal planeThe names “vibration” or vibrational frequency are a total misnomer.

Vibration is an indicator of your relationship to life, to other people and to yourself. It’s an indicator of where you are looking from, it’s an indicator of what you see. Feelings, energy, success are a fallout from those.

When your vibration is low

dodgem-cars crowded-sidwalk-new-york-city Q_crowd this-creative-project-gives-pedestrians-more-space-on-crowded-city-sidewalksWhen your vibration is low, everything seems important, because you can’t tell what’s important. You are inside the crowd and whether the crowd is friendly or threatening, there is no you, and you can only see other people, and yourself only in relationship to them.

You may retreat into your memories (past) or daydreams (future) but you are rarely in the present moment. Your actions are ineffective, life is like a dodgem (bumper car) ride… bumpy, jerky, and at most it’s about staying alive, making it through.

Now, what happens when you raise your vibration?

You are first simply taller than others and see over above their heads. Then you grow artificial legs, like pogo sticks, and then you find yourself on a higher elevation, where life, suddenly, isn’t about other people, and life isn’t even about you.

You see you worry about yourself only when there is a perceived threat. Otherwise you don’t. You just do what you do, climb trees, throw balls, pick flowers, eat cookies, spit far the pits of the cherries… no worry in the world.

Children who grow up without a parent trying to teach them right and wrong, grow up like this happy and worry free: unfortunately most children are forced to the “horizontal plane” too early, so they won’t even have memories of having been ever free from a concern for the self… protecting the self from the people who “love” them.

Some children are crushed already in the cradle. It was done to you, and you pass it on to your children. Why should they be happier than you!?


So, what else is on that higher elevation, on that higher vibration?

Well, depending on your soul correction, there is growth or there is climbing down.

If you have serious self-doubts, if you KNOW that you are no good, then you’ll scramble back to the horizontal plane to do your do-gooding dance, your justifying and explaining, so you can feel worthy to live.

But if you have any seed of a healthy attitude, you’ll start to see that survival is not the issue, other people are not the issue, the issue is what to do with your suddenly enormous amount of free time.

You’ll have that question, what shall I do with my life?

And because you are on a higher elevation, because you breathe clean air unspoiled by other people, you will have the freedom to experiment, ponder, no hurry.

That is one of the “symptoms” of higher vibration: the hurry starts to completely disappear. You may do things fast, but you don’t hurry. There is no pressure, and therefore you can look around, see stuff, feel stuff, be guided.

Now, there is earned vibration and there is vibration that you can lose.

If you climbed up to the higher vibration level on your own feet, then you earned your vibration. tumblr_inline_ms7bszBpzm1qz4rgp img_4355-manarolaActions take you there, small actions that are counter to being in a crowd.

What happens if you use one of my activators and your vibration jumps to higher?

Borrowed vibration

You now live in borrowed vibration: you haven’t earned it, and if, under the guidance of the energy in the activator you do nothing to earn that vibration, you’ll eventually lose it.

What happens if and when your vibration suddenly jumps higher because I pull your attachments?

Honestly, I hate to disappoint you, but this is also temporary, unless you use the opportunity of the higher elevation to look from the temporary lessening of fear of survival, and start taking constructive actions given by the new point of view.

When I pull your attachments, you suddenly see opportunities, opportunities to choose different actions than you would choose from the horizontal plane.

If you don’t use this opportunity, your vibration will fall back to where you started.

Every small constructive action expands the window of opportunity for you. The important thing is: the actions needs to be given by the new perspective.

And the small actions, a new action every time, will reliably take you to a place where you can see what you want to use your life for.

If your life is still about you and your life, then you are off… your actions aren’t coming from the higher elevation.

To make it easier to do this small actions, small miracles work, I will install a forum software on the site, so you can feel part of a community and be supported.

I am scared to do that… but after all I am taking my own teaching seriously: this is a small step that can lead to a major miracle.

In the next article I will look at what the typical small actions that are missing in different soul corrections…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Want higher vibration? Here is what to expect…”

  1. Thank you for this article. I get it. I took a step today out of my comfort zone. I saw myself scared and nervous, but stepped out anyway. I’m okay. I want to earn it now.

  2. please be specific when you share… saying you took a step leaves me with a sense that you are lying and want to stay off the hook. When you say what specific action you took, then you are on the hook, you can fail, and I can call you to account. Please.

  3. Ok. I didn’t share because it really is not my best effort. After work I took a walk to get in my 10,000 steps a day. On the way, I thought I would get food at a restaurant before I got on the train to go home. However, don’t do that because I get anxious when I do things by myself. I always just think it would be a good idea. I think people will stare, think negative about me, I will look stupid eating alone, blah, blah, blah. I looked at the restaurant with good, healthier choices and then I looked at a fast food option which would be easier for me. More acceptable. No one will care that I am alone.

    I am afraid to be alone in the world therefore I choose options that don’t call me out as a loner. Then I told myself, “Who cares?” You are alone. Eat good food. If people judge it doesn’t matter. Live life even if alone. I did and I was okay. I enjoyed my meal and my surroundings, read your article and the situation that I was currently in and what you have been saying to me from day one suddenly made since “It’s your turn now”. I thought your products would make me courageous, but I wasn’t applying myself by testing the waters.

    Just thinking all people are judgmental like me therefore I will hide so I can’t be judged. After I sent my comment, a stranger approached me and we walked to the train station together and had a nice conversation. I don’t think I particularly enjoyed the stranger, but it didn’t take away from the benefit of the action taken.

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