Soul Correction actions series Part 1

soul-correction-pendantWhat are the typical small actions that are missing in different soul corrections…

As I have been saying, raising your vibration happens through small constructive actions.

We could also say: raising your vibration happens through doing, effectively, the soul’s work.

The Soul is the part of you that is interested in you becoming an expanding human being who contributes to the Light, instead of the Dark Side, aka Evil.

Each soul correction is centered around one aspect of Desire to receive for the Self Alone, which is another name for Evil.

Your dominant belief, the twist in your development seems to be connected to your soul corrections. Once I pull this dominant belief’s therefore, you will have a choice in the previously automatic actions. New actions will become available… the path of small miracles.

This is new to me, so it will take quite some amount of connecting to Source, meditating, pondering, feeling… I don’t even know what it is going to take.

Now, about the system: when I first started to offer people their soul correction, I had one model available to me, actually two, both based on numerology, and I chose to use the Kabbalistic one, based on the 72 names of god.

Then I would work with people and observe them, getting a deeper insight into commonalities among people with the same soul correction.

It is by no means a perfect system, yet even with its obvious shortcomings, it offers some valuable insights into what is going on with people.

As I am getting more astute and get more precise insight, I update the soul correction descriptions.

So, let’s start with it. This series of articles will concentrate on the small actions that constitute the path of soul correction.


  • Revealing the Dark SideDark Side is everything that is desire to receive for the self alone. That means: someone has to be the loser for you to be a winner. You win over someone, at their expense.

    Often the people you use to make yourself more important, even superior are your loved ones.

    Actions: because the fundamental automatic behavior or this soul correction is controlling, judging, forcing, any action that allows anything or anyone is a good action.

    If you can just watch the action or circumstance that you would want to control, fix, or force… you may be able to see an action that is neither.

  • Finish What You StartThis is the archetype “liar” or “salesman”. Habitually and always lie, embellish, underdeliver, promise, maybe even stay present, but the delivery of the goods isn’t happening.

    The underlying dynamic is lack of self confidence, lack of real knowledge.

    The issue is that the lie is out, so if the person started to learn new things, or invest work, people would, maybe, find out that the previous utterances were lies.

    So it takes courage to go back to integrity, it takes courage to learn new things, it takes courage to perform this soul correction.

    I hear from clients that catching small lies before they come out is the fastest way to start. But ultimately mapping out the missing foundation and starting to build it is going to be the soul correction action.

To be continued…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “Soul Correction actions series Part 1”

  1. Finish What You Start: That’s me to a T. It is painful to read the description. I haven’t beaten it yet. All I can say is that there has been a change in the past two weeks or so, and it’s harder for me to go unconscious and hide from myself and the world. I’m still hiding out, just more consciously. There is a distinction, but no real difference in terms of taking action or being present and effective in my life.

    I feel like a river that has been been channeled by the Army Corps of Engineers, with high concrete walls. I flow, but there is no freedom to my movement. I have been unwilling to flow over the banks and make my own course. To me, my dominant belief are those walls, the thing that keeps me separated from life. That is the challenge of my life, and I have known it for a long time…to take responsibility for my life, and to get on the hook, joyfully.

  2. whatever it is, there is a noticeable difference how you speak… Now, bring that clarity and economy of expression into your actions. It is not as complicated as it feels… it is tiny actions congealing into a real accomplishment. Not the same action over and over, but tiny steps of different actions.

  3. I got up a little earlier this morning and mowed the from (front?) lawn and sidewalk. A small action, but a real return to reality. More to do…

  4. Sorry, Sophie. I cut the grass in the front yard, and the grass that grows along the sidewalk in front of the house, for the first time this year. It was about a foot tall.

  5. Yes, as silly as it sounds, because I have been putting it off all this time, and pretending that I didn’t care about it, or that it didn’t matter, or that I would get to it next week, or when I felt like it. I just decided to practice taking action and doing something because I said so, without all the drama or passivity.

  6. I attended the graduation ceremony today which I didn’t plan to go before because I was scared of standing in front of the crowd. I used the techique from the movie stranger than fiction to witness myself. And got some sense into myself and finished the process while being myself. It felt quite liberating and free.

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