Soul Correction Actions: Part 2: Fear – the flip side: living dangerously

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thai kid bathing with snakeFear is natural. And we “respond” to fear according to our habitual ways, which is largely imprinted in our soul correction.

Just like there is procrastination and there is precrastination, both are fear based, there is also the phenomenon of brash, impulsive bravado…

Neither “responses” to fear are intelligent.

So, what is an intelligent response to fear?

Fear is normal, fear is natural, fear is a life saver.

What is fear saying? Look around, Think a little bit. Be present. Don’t go on automatic pilot.

antelope5Most of you that are afraid, never considered that fear is telling you to get present. But if you watch an antelope, they get present the moment something out of the ordinary, a noise, a scent, a movement catches their attention. They first look. And maybe then run. Or not.

Fear is good. it is necessary. It is useful. Use it… instead of be used by YOUR therefore.

Now, confession time, my soul correction: Forget Thyself, is a 50-50 soul correction: on one hand afraid and hide, on the other hand afraid and arrogant, boasting, daredevil, suicidally so.

So, when I pulled my “therefore”, I pulled both direction, I pulled therefore, the generic therefore.

I now have an opportunity to become an antelope: intelligent, interested in my own well-being, longevity, freedom.


DARINGVery unfamiliar to me. It is so new and so unfamiliar, that I can’t even extrapolate: I can’t see where it’s going.

I have lived so long KNOWING where my life was going (working till I die, being persona non grata, an undesirable, being alone, dying early, being ill, invalid, maybe homeless?) that this new open vista is dizzying. I mean it.

So I now take it one moment, one decision, one action at a time.

Yesterday a client of mine said: Get rid of the mites instead of trying to save everybody!

I heard it. It stunned me. I didn’t realize that I was trading my life for the lives of people who can’t be bothered by what I have to offer. Hm.

I saw the lack of intelligence in my life. I saw the “desire to receive for the self alone”. Being well, taking care of myself is desire to receive for the sake of sharing. Getting ill, dying early: desire to receive for the self alone.

Whoa… goddamit!

How the drama wants to perpetuate itself!

In the hopefully upcoming “Reclaim your life” program you’ll get to see both sides of the coin in your life too… after all, if you can’t see the forest for the tree, then you are not living intelligently either.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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