When your successes are temporary and your failures always return… The anchor to doom attachment

living on the edge of doomThe anchor to your doom attachment

What gives it away is the implied inevitability. The language. That it’s always, or never.

Like I am never going to be successful. Stings. Hurts. My eyes are watering. I scramble to avoid it, fight mightily, only to give up after a while and resign… burn, and get up from the ashes like a phoenix bird… This has been the story of my life. Horrid.

Now, imagine free falling towards the Earth, accelerating. Your language, I guess: I am going to die. I am going to be pulped by the impact.

Imagined it? Now imagine that I order you to pay attention to the weather, to the shape of the clouds in the sky.

Can you feel that every fiber of your being wants to stay with the ever bigger Earth, and doesn’t want to look at what I am asking you to look at? You protest, you flail, you try everything.

This is how you are going about your doom… Like me about success… Anchored.

It’s bad… but imagine for a moment the anchor going away. Actually going away…

woohoo I am fallingAfter I pull the energetic root, the anchor to your doom, embedded in your heart area, suddenly you can look. You can enjoy the ride. You can wave to others that are free falling with you. You can tweet “woohoo, I am falling!” and laugh.

So what happened? Seemingly, outwardly, no change, and yet, your life dramatically altered. You are no longer falling into your death, you are just falling.

And therein lies the power of this attachment pulling thing: life becomes open ended. Choices open up… for different actions.

Another example to the anchor to your doom

Another of my favorite examples of doom is the winding mountain road, where you happen on a car crash.

Before the pulling of this attachment, the anchor to your DOOM, you really only had three options: crash into the mountain, crash into the wreck, or fall off the mountain. Passing safely wasn’t one of the options when you have an active anchor to your doom. And don’t be mistaken, every human on earth has one.

Whether that doom is failing, being horrible, being garbage, dying, getting sick, being abandoned, not being loved, or whatever you have, won’t matter. A doom is a doom is a doom.

You can’t avoid it as long as you have a probable almost certain future. Embedded in your energy body, anchoring your future in that.

sitting-on-the-ledgeIt is the string that animates the puppet…

It is like this: You’ll end up there… Whatever there is, you’ve been fighting tooth and nail. You’ve been trying to fix it, avoid it, or “near-miss it.” Either way: that is the center of your universe, the black hole that threatens to swallow your life.

If I get the words right, if I name your doom, your black hole right, the waterworks start without you thinking at all.

I can also tell if I am getting closer or away from the wording.

Is it important to get the name of the doom right?

Is it important to get the wording right? Yes and no. Intellectually it is. And it is important for you to KNOW that I pulled the “right” energy… as if I could pull any other. 1

So when I pull the anchor to your doom, I’ll spend enough time to feel the right words of the doom, of the black hole. I’ll be close, but probably not exact. If it is important to you to know the words, then it will your job to get the exact right words. When you find them, send them back to me if you want… It will make you clearer… But from the energetic point of view, the anchor to your doom is pulled without me first knowing what the words are.

Pulling the anchor to your doom

Actually, I pull the anchor and while I am doing it I pay attention… that’s how I get a sense of the emotional content and the words of the anchor I pulled.

My doom is “not successful.” I only had a choice in what way I was going to be not successful. For decades I chose to work my fingers to the bone, chose to hardly sleep at all… and that was my path to no success.

Working smarter, equivalent to passing the car crash safely in the above mountain road example, was not available to me. And I still have no idea what that will look like, but I am sure that now, having gotten rid of the anchor to my DOOM, I will find it.

And if you have your anchor pulled and then stick with it, experiment, see choices for actions, you will be able to have a life too, that is not about avoiding the doom, but about growing, and flying, and freedom, and fulfillment.

You’ll find ways of being, things to do that you’ve seen other people do, but they seemed impossible for you to be or do.

The most important thing to know AFTER I’ve removed this anchor is this: what always took you near it, or to it is your effort to avoid it.

vultureswhat always took you near it, or to it were your efforts to avoid it.

A student of mine’s anchor is, her DOOM is: I am horrible.

On a group coaching call, a year or two ago, she was mouthing off. Was spiteful. I said: “Do you know you are nasty?” She started to cry… and NEVER came to another coaching call again. Her way to avoid being “horrible”, going to her doom, is to avoid, to isolate herself, to disappear.

Of course, it is counter to her nature. I think that is always the case that avoiding your DOOM and your nature are in conflict, I just haven’t been looking there.

So she suffers, mightily.

I pulled her anchor to her DOOM. She now can mouth off, call me names, and I can even say: You are horrible, she can laugh… So what? So she can come out and play. Be brilliant, be argumentative, and be appreciated… and be free.

How to get rid of the anchor to your doom

Warning: If you want to have only this attachment removed, I am sorry, but I will have to remove all your attachments… An attachment doesn’t distinguish itself, doesn’t tell its story until I pull it. So chances that this would be the first are between zero and nil.

Don’t discount the effect of those other attachments: they have been debilitating, leading your energy, poisoning your soul, your mind… you have to get rid of them.

To find out how many attachments you have, how many, please send me a small donation to check your attachments.

I’ll send you an email and also send you a link to pay if you want them removed.

PS: In an upcoming article I’ll write about the difference between hypnosis and pulling the anchor energetically. You’ll see that in hypnosis you are at the mercy of the hypnotist’s language skills… while with me, language skills are secondary… Quite interesting and reassuring. 100% success rate. Can it get any better?

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  1. In most transformational programs naming the black hole right is crucial. In Landmark it’s called your racket, in the Soaring program it’s called your default name… but unfortunately for millions of people, naming it right won’t release you from it… that is why the vibration of Landmark participants, leaders, drops below what it was when they started to participate, because this method doesn’t work, and they also lost hope… Hope is important. Could the Big Bundle of energy, my Secret Weapon, do the job I do? Could it pull the anchor out so you can be free? Muscle test says: maybe. What that means that if your anchor is not embedded deep, then it probably can. I’ll need to see more proof than muscle testing, to be sure.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “When your successes are temporary and your failures always return… The anchor to doom attachment”

  1. Hello Sophie,

    I just got off the phone with Dr. Doug with whom I am working as a friend to get a TV show produced and book radio interviews for him. He told me to contact you and ask you to find out how many attachments I have for which I would like to offer you a donation if you will tell me how to do that. Thank you 🙂

    Pamela Davis

  2. the words to the anchor to my doom were
    “I am sick therefore I will die”

    quoting from this article “The most important thing to know AFTER I’ve removed this anchor is this: what always took you near it, or to it is your effort to avoid it.”

    Tell me if I have this correct.

    I was drawn to and manifested this anchor of doom because of my avoidance of illness by hiding the illness from others (ashamed) and trying to fix the illness myself?

    So instead now I should embrace the illness as it just is. It should now become,
    “I am sick and I will live” By living I will own the illness rather than the illness owning me.

  3. you don’t have it correctly. You have been trying to avoid the doom: death… and the result is extremes after extremes, left right, trying to avoid death. Illness is what happens when you oscillate between extremes.

    Embrace death by saying: I will live well, calmly, wisely, as long or as short as I live. Like the tightrope walker, when you lean a little too much to the left, you’ll adjust

    Grace is the result. Grace and illness don’t co-exist.

  4. yes death instead of illness. I felt something wasn’t quite right in my thinking.

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