What’s the difference between a DNA activation and self-control? Self-improvement, self-development?

christmas-tree-of-our-geneticsI said in the last article and I say it here again:

We are all born with a full “Christmas tree” loaded with ornaments i.e. genes. Some of those ornaments light up, some of those don’t.

The capacities that those dark ornaments show as dormant are patience, compassion, caring, seeing the big picture, intelligence, focus… as you see, these are the prized qualities of winners.

And they are dormant on your tree of genes, the Christmas Tree.

I have found that strong energies that create a whole new terrain to play on, plus consistent small actions using those capacities create a DNA activation, an epigenetic shift where you don’t have to try to be patient, you just are.

This is what I noticed this morning:

I have lived in this apartment for 12 years now. It is walking distance from a Catholic church, that insists on doing 15 minute long music twice a day, at noon and at 6 pm.

I remember the first 10 years being bothered by it.

Bad-MusicThe music is out of key, played by amateurs, badly, on a magnificent organ. An organ played poorly is like a human lacking certain human genes… off key, not satisfying, not music.

I have perfect pitch, and was an active musician for 11 years of my life, giving concerts, making money. I was even accepted to the Academy of Music… the equivalent of Juilliard in Hungary.

Amateurs playing poorly used to really bother me. Every off-key note cut into me. I used to daydream about vengeance, public protest; it took away from me an hour or two a day.

I could not connect to Source or do any work while the bad “music” was going on.

It’s 12:15 today, and the “music” just stopped. I heard it, who wouldn’t. I heard that it was off key. I heard that it was bad. And I continued working, connecting to Source, in a “who cares” way… that was completely impossible for me years ago.

So what happened?

xmas-ledsEvery time I created an energy product, the Energizer, the Heaven on Earth, the Effortless Abundance Activator, the Avatar State Audios, the Big Bundle, and lastly the pulling of energetic attachments and cords, I used it on myself to give myself what I sell you.

But in addition to giving myself the energies, I paid attention to what it allowed me to do, new things, new ways of being, new ways of looking at things… in contrast to the old ways.

In these five or so years I changed.

This is more significant if you look that previously, for 25 years, I did more work on myself than anyone I know… sans energies… that’s French for without energies.

Nothing much happened in those 25 years. I was still impatient, judgmental, cruel, vengeful, hating, angry, impulsive, overconfident, underconfident, and out to prove that I was better, smarter than anyone. Can you hear misery? It was miserable to be me.

Most of these disappeared, or became flashes on the screen only, instead of mood-determining ways of being, dominant attitudes.

Which means that in these five years I activated, probably, 17 genes, aka Christmas Tree ornaments.

So, as a client, how could you duplicate my feat… how could you create an epigenetic shift for yourself, activating at least the most important gene: the one that if it were active, your doom would not be so predictable?

Your doom is like a black hole that wants to swallow you and your life… and you scramble, flail, strategize to avoid it, but not well, not successfully.

I have pulled the anchor for a lot of you, but your life hasn’t been changing, because you are not clear on what are the small actions you need to do so the energy and the actions together create an epigenetic shift.

By the way, one student paid me a few years ago to activate his dormant dna. I did. 40 percent came on and he had a chance, first student in the world, in history, to cement those changes and become the fantastic person hidden in his DNA.

It’s two years later, and the genes dimmed since then. He did none of the actions he needed to do.

Some people, I feel it in my bones, will learn from his example, and actually do what they need to do. Regularly, daily, so it becomes really an epigenetic shift, irreversible.

My hunch is that 20 of you… all ages, all professions.

In the “program” for the 20, I only provide guidance. The action is up to them, but what action… I can help with that. And I mean to create a community of epigenetic shifters, the 20… because once 20 does it, then can come the next 20, then 200, then 2000.

Huge organ, played wellHumanity has gone, instead of upward, growing, becoming more human, looking at today’s humanity, looking at you: we have gone backwards. Towards simpletons, toward savages.

It is not late to turn the tide around. You want to look at yourself if you want it for yourself…

You can do it… it is not difficult. The question is: do you want it?

What do you need to participate in this DNA activation project?

  1. You need to have all your attachments, including your dominant belief and anchor to doom attachment removed.
  2. your vibration needs to be around or above 200 AFTER I remove your attachments, so I can believe that you are intelligent enough to grasp what it is that you need to do
  3. You need to look for your own answers, on my site, instead of asking me to find it for you.

Obviously if you fall short in any of the requirements, I won’t accept you to the program. It is not for everyone. You are paying for 15 minutes of my time a month… If you need more than that, then you are not a good candidate. Sorry.

PS: there have been attempts for DNA activation in the past, in Vianna of Theta Healing, in Quantum Mind Shifting by Pam Ragland. Both have summarily failed. Why? Because the energy is not enough, it is just the door-opener. Keeping the door open until the gene stays active without work, is your job… So we’ll be having the same challenge that those two women did. Let’s prove it to them that it can be done! Lol.

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