Are you habitually depressed?

bride finds depression was hidden under excitementDepression can be like pessimism, habitual. You KNOW how it is, you KNOW how you are, and any change in that is only possible if you actually look and see how it is, how you are. You may have the thousand mile stare.

We seem to settle into a life KNOWING, as if living in a created little universe, our own, where everything is known. We know how to live depressed… We may complain, but we don’t even entertain the option of looking from outside to see if we are still depressed.

When you live like this, and I think everyone lives like this! then mostly an outside of you energy is needed to kick you in the behind, so you open your eyes, and gasp.

Like the just born baby, needs a slap on the behind to even consider breathing. So sure that they don’t have to…

I think that we need to be slapped on the behind a lot.

habitual-depressionFor example when I pull your attachments. You nod. Nice… nice work Sophie… and nothing happens. Your whole inner and outer world changed, energetically, and you won’t go with it. Like the baby that doesn’t even consider breathing… Maybe it’s not stupid, maybe it is part of our early DNA, otherwise we would wreak havoc in our mommy’s belly, cry and do things that are not appropriate for the actual environment.

Suppressed breathing. hm. Interesting. I see a lot of that!

I have been “talking” in email to this woman, revered by many, vibration of 300. A good woman, for sure.

One of her clients paid me to do the attachment work on her. She only had the “self-attached” attachments, the dominant belief’s therefore and the anchor to doom. Remember, I don’t pull the dominant belief, and I don’t pull the doom. But I remove your reaction as the only possible reaction… that is what attachment is in this context.

habitual-depression-2Your attachment to dominant belief and your doom is much like your habitual depression. Anything habitual is inauthentic.

Inauthentic in that it wasn’t preceded by looking. Looking with Witness. In another word: anything habitual is unconsciousness, unawareness, and therefore inauthentic.

first-breathFor the baby, coming out of the womb is dying. Only from our point of view, the people who are already there, is it being born. And therefore it’s painful.

A new vantage point, a new era of being a beginner again where everyone knows more than you do, where your sense of security is “I am going to die”.

Consider that by and large you have been pretending that you are in the womb and mother will take care of you. And most of your displeasure comes from it not being so, but you never open your eyes, never breathe on your own… and there is no one to actually slap you, hard, on your ass, so you snap out of it.

That is the state of humanity as of now. For me, it’s disgusting because I am on the other side of it. For you it is “you must want me to die” or something like that.

Returning to the good woman I talked about before: her soul correction is “seeing the big picture” and both of her attachments were on the “seat of the soul”, a triangular area under the left shoulder.

The soul is yelling: open your eyes. Wider. Look wider! And she does… and she keeps on seeing the same thing. Because who is looking is she and not Witness, not Consciousness.

She operates in the word view of the seven planes, and does her work in the fourth, if my quick scanning of her site is anything close to accurate.

But Witness would see that all those planes, all those dimensions are imaginary… not useless, but imaginary. And although they may even work, they may even make a difference, they are limited by the human mind: the mind that does the imaginings.

The Witness would say: stand where I am and look from there: you are playing in a sand box, and it seems like all of existence to you. But it is a sandbox… nice, comfy, maybe even brilliant… sandbox.

That’s why her vibration is leveled out at 300… while what she is, who she is should put her right in the 900’s…

But it would mean a death first… Not real death, only from the point of view of the womb. The womb loses a child to “death”, the world gains a child through birth.

Like that.

dsc_2460It takes tremendous courage to die so you can be born.

I didn’t have to do that all at once, I had to do it a thousand times, so it was lots of small traumas.

I never believed anything imaginary. Not god, not angels, not anything.

But she does, and in a way you and her need to do the same thing: die to the current reality, the current world view first, and then be born on the big world again.

Where your tethers don’t exist. Neither to nurture you, umbilical cord, nor to limit you.

I know, it’s scary. That is why you should do it. Or not. Your choice.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Are you habitually depressed?”

  1. I think that this ‘thousand miles stare’, this knowing how to live depressed and unwillingness to step out of that, is particularly what makes all kinds of products and services (and in my case, your activators) seem ineffective. Because of the tendency to helplessly wait for things to happen without me moving (which is particularly relevant to my soul correction – the silent partner), I can’t know whether anything changed energetically at all if I don’t act in the proper direction first.

    Another piece of the puzzle found for me.

  2. I can hardly breathe. All of the good training that I have ever received comes back to this same feeling and reality: That I have to face the truth about myself and take the necessary actions. In short, that I need to become conscious and remain accountable. I don’t like it. It’s not kind, it’s not easy, it’s not spiritual. Okay, there are no other options. I tried the sleeping. Not effective.

  3. lol… I had the same blunt realization today: increase your immune whatever, or die… how to increase? walk, run, swim… baaaah! I understand… it hurts. Now, I am going to go get dressed and walk. Every day.

    Now go and do it.

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