Announcing an unusual coaching program, part of Reclaim

training coaches to cause actions

This article is intentionally difficult to read. Why? Because it is a qualifying piece: If you can’t make heads and tails out of this, then you won’t be able to become a coach… sorry.

This past Sunday I was on a training webinar for coaches (training coaches in selling their stuff). One of the questions that came up was: What is the cause of lower than expected sales?

From these past days’ email interactions, my guess is that visitors don’t understand what I am saying in my articles. Even for regular students it’s a challenge to translate between words and doing. And even people who get a personal email from me telling them what is their doom, their anchor to doom… and what they should be doing to cause the DNA shift, to make themselves permanently better… even after a personal email the confusion is staggering, and the actions are rare and weak.

I have always had a real hard time making that shift, making that translation between words and doing.

I had an idea a second ago, that may be the stupidest idea I have ever had, but I am going to test it out.

I am writing my articles in the language that is easy for me, from a vibration of above 900… and that may be one of the problems. The other problem is that I am in a kind of connected trance… not quite on Mother Earth…

Now, given that we are working on causing epigenetic (DNA) shift, following an energetic interference, namely pulling energetic attachments, (especially the anchor-to-doom,) understanding and following my instructions accurately, and promptly is more important than ever.

green-networkI am thinking of testing a system, where people (future coaches) who have had their attachments pulled become coaches, get to work with me to see what actions would accomplish their epigenetic shift for them. Then they would practice that action. And then turn around and write up what they did to cause it, in their language, English, Chinese, Serbian, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese,… whatever is their language, as a short article, so others with similar anchors to doom could learn. They earn the coaching they got with these posts.

My hope is that if you read the words of someone on your own vibrational level or slightly above, choosing, and practicing the actions, you will be more likely to get the gist of it, and actually do it, than if you hear my words…

Today I managed to give an action to a Hungarian girl who has been unable to see what actions she needs to take. It’s that easy… I have also made my “anchor-to-doom” reports a little bit more wordy, but I am sure it won’t be enough. Most of the actions I ask for are quite counter-intuitive to the person who needs to perform them.

With the Hungarian girl it took several emails, and in the normal course of events, it would have cost her about a hundred bucks.

My time is expensive.

In the worst case we can publish the email interaction, if that is clear enough. But I prefer to pick people for this “job” who can write, and write coherently, to let people know how they interpret what there is to do, in about 100 words… for reference, my articles are 800-1200 words. So 100 words is a paragraph or two.

I also want people who are eager and willing to do the work. It takes little time to do the actions, but it does take some time to figure out what is the best and most constructive action in your case, given your history, your attitudes, and the attachments I pulled, especially your anchor to doom.

This coaching program (part of the Reclaim program, which means some people will pay to be in the program, others will trade this work for tuition) is to serve me and my purposes I am not doing it to help the coaches, although I probably do. Coaches in this program definitely get more of my attention than regular participants, and they will produce better results, because they have to verbalize coherently what they are doing, and it’s incredible how much you miss when you stay in your head.

The purpose of offering training coaches is to filter down my teachings to the level of the reader so they can actually do the work… The hardest for people is to see what work to do.

If you are interested in becoming a coach, please comment below. I forgot to mention that you’ll answer questions of people who ask questions.

The people who are eligible to become coaches and even to ask questions need to have had their attachment pulled, including the dominant belief and the anchor-to-doom.

If you send me an email instead or commenting, you automatically disqualify yourself.

I have my eyes on a few people, but would like to see some new faces.

I am interested causing grass-roots actions.

I am not quite clear on the format, but I think I’ll make the interactions web-forum discussions, with the coaches’ help.

And, of course, my ability to organize is my weakest ability… But we can do it… I hope.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

28 thoughts on “Announcing an unusual coaching program, part of Reclaim”

  1. Sophie,

    I’ve never considered myself a coach or teacher by any means. The idea terrifies me, but I am ready to be done with this crappy existence. I’d like to participate.


  2. The word “coach” almost scared me off. But I definitely would like to participate in the Reclaim program, either as a participant or “coach” if I qualify.

  3. Hi Sophie,

    I am interested to become a coach. I regain my “self” following you, and I would like to plant that seed in others. I have not had the “anchor-to-doom” remove yet, but please send me the link to pay. If I am not qualify yet, please keep me on your file.

  4. Hi Sophie, I don’t know if I qualify as a “coach” but I would love to take part in the Reclaim program.

  5. Ok, I’m interested in becoming a coach (my understanding is that it primarily will help me). Do I qualify?

  6. Hi Sophie, I am interested in the coaching program. I have not had “the anchor to doom” removed as yet and would like to if you could send me the link to pay.

    Thank You

  7. you are not ready… but you can get ready really fast… you see unless you DO the actions, consciously, yourself, AND have room and interest in what other people need, AND have a vibration above 200, you are not ready.

    I don’t think you have all three… have you gotten your anchor-to-doom pulled, by the way?

  8. Hi Sophie,
    I would love to participate in the program as a coach or participant! The opportunity to explore/investigate/understand the DNA shift process as an individual & collectively would be amazing! I’m fresh — after “full spectrum attachment removal” . With my soul correction: “finish what I start”, this prgm is viable to keep my momentum going! I’m very interested!

  9. Hello Sophie, I am just wondering would I qualify to be train as a coach? Thank you.

  10. Thank you, Sophie. You pulled my dominant belief. If that’s the same as the anchor-to doom, then you did.

  11. it is not the same. By the way: I do not pull the dominant belief: beliefs cannot be pulled. I pulled the meaning… I call it “therefore” that I pulled. That is an energy.

    The anchor-to-doom (again, I can’t pull your doom, it is staying even after I pull the anchor) is whole different ball game.
    I haven’t pulled yours yet.

  12. Okay. Please pull the anchor whenever you can. And let me know if there is a fee.

    (By the way, I am having a very strange day today, energetically. Not quite in my body.)

    Thank you.

  13. Please send me the payment link to having my anchor to doom pulled: I do not know if you think I could qualify for becoming a coach, but I am interested in participating. Thank you.

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