Winners don’t fight what is: they use it. The ones that fight are broken.

Your chances are like this tiny sea turtle hatchling... not bigTo all the people that had their anchor-to-doom attachment pulled, I recommended that they start using the Unconditional Love Activator. Why?

Because the capacity of allowing need to be first practiced between you and you. Between you and your actions. Between you and your feelings, thoughts, and urges.

Without first allowing what is, you will ALWAYS be ineffective, bruised, and beaten.

I have learned this the hard way. I am a very forceful person by nature, and that is a horrible thing for a coach. Forcefulness create resistance in the other person, and instead of smooth transition to desirable actions, I trigger fighting, belligerence, and ultimately failure.

I haven’t changed my nature, your nature is your nature, like your eye color, so I am still forceful about 10% of the time, but it used to be 90%. I used to be the girl who wanted to lead in a dance… not pretty.

first align yourself

So one day I had an insight: If you have the patience to first align yourself with the other person, they will follow you anywhere… Counter intuitive, counter-mind, but it works every time. Just not so easy to do: you need the capacity of allowing. Allowing and align are synonyms.

Warning: if your anchor-to-doom hasn’t been pulled, allowing is not available to you.


Anchor-to doom pulled? You are in Reclaim?

circling-the-doomThis is a very timely advice for people who are dealing with the fear that is awakened now that they had their anchor-to-doom pulled. I am asking you to chart a new path, to become another person, and yes, that is what I am asking.

Not because there is necessarily anything wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. But the path that is the Original Design, asks you to become an Expanding Human Being, to activate the dormant capacities in your DNA, to grow, and that is terrifying a lot, and inspiring for some people.

Good news and bad news

Now, I have some bad news for you, bad news that in this context is an excellent news.

If you continue fighting what is there, fear, resistance, slothfulness, and other obviously unfriendly enemies of growth, then you will get stuck, bruised, and broken.

That is what you have been doing, and it didn’t work, did it?

I have written about Aikido, because Aikido is exactly the opposite of that being beaten up way of fighting… because fighting you will have to do.

If you are not willing to fight

bryanpeelout-FUNDYIf you are not willing to fight, then do yourself a favor, and quit now. I mean it. You are taking up space, air, and you are littering my site. Go away.

If you are not willing to fight for what is important to you, then you are dead weight.

On the other hand, if you are willing, but don’t know how, then please stay… this is something you haven’t been taught. And I am not talking a bout a cat fight, or a bar brawl… I am talking about out and out war, where you fight FOR something worth fighting for.

Freedom, Liberty, a vision, a dream…

I wasn’t even taught to negotiate. I bet most of you haven’t been either, especially if you are a woman. You know cat fight, resistance, belligerence, passive aggressive, ultimatums, but negotiation… not at all.

You know how to manipulate, you know how to dominate, control, but it is all underhanded, you never need to tell the truth: you are fighting for something worth fighting for.

You know how to fight like a coward, a weakling… and even when you win you lose.

In Aikido I learned the counter intuitive way of fighting: using the opponent’s energy to beat them.

Now, our enemies, our opponents are ego, fear, and societal expectations, looking good, being right, avoid being wrong, at such. Not people.

I have observed that when we are on a call, and I mention that you are not breathing, you force the air through… it hurts and obviously nothing good comes out of it.

That is how losers fight: using their energy toe to toe against the enemy’s.

A winner goes a little way with the enemy

A winner goes a little way with the enemy, like a faint, and then throws them over with the enemy’s energy.

This works like magic with the invisible stuff that we are up against: fear, trepidation, procrastination, slothfulness.

Those come with energy, because their world is threatened. You are contemplating freeing yourself up, and that is a threat to the Opponent.

luring the enemy into believing that they are winning

So what you do is go with it, energetically, luring the enemy into believing that they are winning, maybe even accelerate a little, and then flip them over.

They won’t know what hit them, and you can now do what you planned to be doing before the fear, etc. started their attack on you.

Is this easy? Yeah. Will you be able to do it without taking a few classes in Aikido? I don’t think so.

So, if you can, find a class for Aikido. Find a marshal arts person and make them read what I wrote. Then ask them to teach you the counter-intuitive moves of Aikido, where you go with the Opponent’s energy, accelerate it, and then flip them over.

I spent an hour or two in a gym doing it, and I am transformed by it. Since that I have had only a few occasions where I was pushing back, instead of going with it… In conversations, in my case.

Please don’t waste any time. It will be the best investment you’ve ever made.

And no, you can’t learn it without a partner… you need to feel the dynamic, or it becomes just another thing in your mind: useless.

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