Soul Correction: Sexual Energy

sexual-unionSoul Correction: Sexual Energy

New Insight 6/5/2018: This is a soul correction I would call pussy-whipped, if you are a man. Weakness covered up… Dependency, dutifulness, difficulty to make decisions? Still looking…

My experience with women is that this same soul correction is whipping-pussy, if there is such a thing. Demanding, using, controlling… enslaving. Could be wrong about that. I need to look some more. the few examples I have point in that direction.

Update 2/3/2016: The essence of this soul correction is push/pull. The person resists what they don’t want, and craves (greed) what they do want.

Guaranteed unhappiness. Guaranteed roller coaster. Because the moment you get what you want, you start not wanting it.

The dynamic doesn’t change.

Symptoms: narrow cone of vision: you cannot see that you are jerked by these two seemingly incompatible inner forces. You can never see them in the same picture…

The remedy is: start wanting what you don’t want. It is the direction heaven is for you.

Very counter intuitive. But it works…

Chances are that you disagree… It’s more of the same. Puppet on a string…

It has been puzzled me for years now… but I could put it off no longer: too many people want to read it. So, this is what I saw this morning in a meditative conversation: my favorite way of penetrating the mysteries of the universe.

According to Kabbalah, sex is access to seventh heaven, maybe even cloud nine… which are all euphemisms of vibrational levels, of consciousness levels: how close you are to the tenth sphere, where god is.

I do not believe in god. So this doesn’t say much to me. But what does is this: human sex is divine only if and there is co-creation.

Now, co-creation is a word I use a lot, but what I haven’t quite eluded to: it is based on a capacity, a used, activated capacity of seeing things 360 degrees, not just from your own limited and usual point of view. The capacity is largely missing for people. Even a lesser capacity, bilocation, is missing for 99% of people. Either of those capacities would make it possible for people to have sex be divine… But because the capacity is missing, sex is just, eh, sex.

According to my experience, this is NOT a capacity that is used by my students and clients, and maybe activating and using this capacity is the “job” of this soul correction.

My view is that soul corrections are about activating dormant, inactive DNA capacities. The goal of “creation” is to have the crowing achievement, human being, alive and well in the world.

So far there are eight human beings, and seven billion humans.

What is the difference between a human being and a human? I am glad you asked.

The difference is the number of activated dna capacities… humans haven’t activated any dna in the past 50-150 thousand years.

Human beings have activated DNA capacities, and continue to do so.

One of these capacities is to be able to see, willing to see, practice to see another’s point of view.

spiritual-energySex is a great context inside which you can see that for sex to be great, the participants need to be able to see and hold in mind that it is co-creating, instead of what is usual and practiced: mutual masturbation.

Explaining it won’t make a difference: the mind will understand and will try to do it, but the difference between the mind imagining doing it, and actually seeing and being a co-creator, intimately connected and co-creating with the other: the difference is like between licking the picture of ice cream and eating ice cream… significant.

And like with everything else: this is not limited to sex… this is a capacity that would make you able to raise your vibration, use the energies of the activators to actually co-create the results.

Now, what happens, or what does it look like if you have this soul-correction and you have no idea, no dna active… you are just a simple human?

Your experience of life, inside and outside of sex, is the life of a victim. You have no capacity to see the other’s point of view, their interest, so you can have no compassion, and you can’t work inside what is possible, what is allowed, what is available: you are stuck in victim mode, pushing against the door that only opens when you pull it.

That is the life of a sexual energy person: pushing when a simple pull would work.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Soul Correction: Sexual Energy”

  1. It is amazing how re-reading this post after a few months has made it a lot clearer regarding what this soul correction is really about. When you initially told me that this was my soul correction, a part of me rebelled internally a few months ago and I couldn’t even get myself to understand this article. The words were all there…but my mind did not wish to truly comprehend it. I guess that is the resistance and fear that I had (…and probably still have) because I knew that this was the truth of the matter. The regular use of the Unclove Infusable and the Harmonize your Vibration over the last few months must have opened things up for me to be able to really look at this without wanting to run for the hills. Now to take the next appropriate steps…

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