Each anchor-to-doom pulled has a chance to activate an inactive DNA

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resist-rebel-reclaimThe civilized world is sheeple walking meekly into slaughter…

There is no incentive, there is not much room for independent thinking, growth, in today’s world. But how it is is deadly, both on the individual level, and on the level of world politics.

You need to become not politically correct… You need to reclaim your right and abililty to become a human being, who isn’t completely enslaved to the status quo, of doing nice-nice… Getting killed in the process… or just simply dying.

Now that the site is squared away after the crash… We can get to work on making the Epigenetic shifts, the activation of certain DNA in your genome, permanent.

Each anchor-to-doom pulled has a chance to activate an inactive DNA.
And as we have said before, actions, small actions, consistent with an active DNA are needed to make the shift permanent.

The list is long, and I don’t have it… This is why I recommend that if you have had your anchor-to-doom pulled, you participate, at least for a little while, in the Reclaim coaching program. There I and the coaches I train, will be able to pinpoint the type of actions you need to take to cause this permanent change.

Just one more aspect: your actions are very often, correlated to your soul correction, which is the main way you avoid becoming an expanding human being, by insisting on desire to receive for the self alone.

But in looking at my recent correspondence, and some of the stuff I have been observing, here are a few pointers.

One main move, that many soul correction shares is explaining and justifying.

The purpose of this move is to disown i.e. avoid being responsible for actions that are desire to receive for the self alone.

  • One client makes sure that no matter what she will have a nice story explained to her children. Her explanation creates an offspring that is schizophrenic: their observation, their feelings says one thing, and what she says tells another story, another thing. Classic double bind.

    Schizophrenia is a condition where the person could not reconcile the world as a coherent story, so they withdraw and refuse to participate. This is, of course, my personal take on it, it is not a medically approved concept, but energetically this is what happens.

    So the more she explains the more split the world for the children becomes. She looks good to herself, but she destroys life to look good.

    The constructive action, in this client’s case would have two parts: 1. recognizing, noticing, catching the desire to look good, look like a good mother. Notice the desire to say, to explain, to justify. 2. Redirect the energy to do something that creates some growth for herself.

    No recipe on how to do this… but in the coaching program there can be some brainstorming what kinds of actions become possible and preferable to explaining.

  • Another interaction I had with another client. The client sent me an email saying that she is available to help.

    I asked what she could do… To which she predictably answered: she was just offering…

    I suggested that an offer for help, in general, is a “throwing dust in my eyes” action, and unless she has some specific skill to offer, she is full of crap.

    you see, it is not authentic. It is all about looking good.

    Unless you have an actual value to offer, you have nothing to offer.

    She answered that she was going to get upset, but then had the thought that what I said was a feedback… and calmed down.

    Ok, thank you. Normally my automatic reaction will be upset with what you just told me but I manage to I catch myself getting upset then choose to see what you told me as a feedback on what to work on myself and did not take it personally.

    My answer: good but not enough. Unless you start building value to give, nothing will ever change.

    Her: thank you Sophie for your feedback. xxx

    Me: pissing on my leg? lol

    So, what is this conversation an example of? It’s again a case of looking good. No value is offered, only the pretense of value.

    If the person stopped pretending, she would start to see that she has nothing to offer. She is not a bad person per se… she is someone who has nothing to offer… I don’t know about you, but knowing that doesn’t make anyone feel good about themselves, after all one of the strongest needs of any human is to be needed.

    But most of us don’t have much to offer, so we have to have children to be needed… and we never have to actually create something of value to offer.

These are just two examples… but they give you a flavor of what it is the anchor-to-doom aftermath is up against: habitual behavior to look good…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

14 thoughts on “Each anchor-to-doom pulled has a chance to activate an inactive DNA”

  1. Hi Sophie
    I want to participate if I am qualified, because I want to move forward/upward, not horizontal like the usual.

  2. Sophie, so if children were never taught and explained anything that applies to growth then Life itself would teach them? If they were not exposed to teachings of society and parents; could they becomes human beings natural way? If it is so then I and others who explain to them messed them up…. Scary… after seeing it.

  3. Explaining makes children give up observing, distinguishing, being present: after all they get all their “food for thought” from the parent and society. No need to think your own thoughts, no need to figure it out, no need to become a human being: you can just be an imitation of your parent: miserable but all-knowing…

    By the way, this is part of the phenomenon where parents teach their children that they don’t have to wipe their own asses…

  4. I get it… I can see it in my own life… If there was ever a question, I didnt have to think because parent, preacher, teacher, guru…would give an answer. Then by observing myself, I see that since answers were always given than there is fear trusting myself. Its easier to ask than think. Now I see why it is evil helping… I rob the other person of thinking and observing and growing. Wow…

  5. Yes, its easier to see now. After you removed anchor to doom, I had this attack on me I felt I was not worthy of anyone or anything, good for nothing… doomed…. I had to let go of some stuff and own some other stuff…. Hoping to stay consistent in continuing doing my work of growing myself. Thank you Sophie.

  6. Just saw something… Can I let go of something without owning it first? I see that I have to own before letting go. Is that right?

  7. Now, one more thing to notice: you ask me to confirm… again. You had an insight. YOUR insight. Then state it as your insight. You can be sure that I’ll put in my answer if I don’t see it the way you do.

    Just a practice of owning your own insights, owning your own thoughts… OK?

  8. Cool…I see it. Its exciting to go from crawling to walking… Maybe Ill get to kindergarten level soon. Thank you!

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