You’ll withhold celebration until the big prize?

sls-launching-artEvery big achievement is made up of a lot of tiny achievements.

You cannot have an achievement on a level where you are not.

This mistake, thinking that you should be somewhere where you aren’t, is costing you achievement.

Every right step is choosing from thousands of steps, out of which only one step is a right step… and there are a few so-so steps.

The right step comes from assessing the situation right… i.e. being astute, distinguishing something accurately. This is an area where you are very weak, that is why you need the Reclaim program.

I just finished an email conversation with a long-time student who shared, accurately, where he is at. Then he said, that given his soul correction, Finish What you Start, the archetype of a liar, telling the truth about where he is at is very good.

I suggested that it’s time to celebrate. He laughed.

As I said, it was an email conversation, so I don’t know if it was laughing of joy, or laughing because it sounded funny. I took it as the second one… that’s why I am writing this article.

When your anchor-to-doom is pulled, you can move away from your normal way of looking at things, and you start to see stuff you could not see from your normal vantage point.

Now, seeing is a dime a dozen. Sharing, on the other hand, putting it in words, is a constructive action.

And even if it is not sharing from perfect vision, it is a breakthrough, and worth celebrating. You had an achievement exactly where you were: at the level of “formulation”, which is a stage, the very first one.

People who are poor either skip this stage or get stuck there.

It is an important stage, but it is the “launching pad”, not the trip.

Another action inside this “formulation” phase is to point over the fence, like Babe Ruth used to do.

It includes a direction and a distance. For me: direction: expanding towards the sky. Distance: go out at the top of my game, whatever it will mean then… Going out in a blaze instead of a whisper.

Don’t go for numbers… they are a poor distance to set… when I am looking at students who set a dollar number in their future, I see people who will spend no time on the stages that are necessary to get there.

These are the people who dream of getting a ph.D without going to college.

Also on this level of formulation: it’s mandatory that you get crystal clear what your ego will use to keep you stuck, and the same.

For example: I just sliced deeply into my thumb…quite effectively stopped me from typing, muscle testing… hadn’t I known what’s happening, it would have taken me into “poor me” mode… counter to where I am going… got it?

So, instead I am typing without using my thumb, and I feel unstoppable.

PS: If you are not even considering the Reclaim program, then your ego has already won… might as well tell the truth that you are more committed to misery than living the life of a human being. Telling the truth will set you free, and will also put you in the driver’s seat where now you know.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “You’ll withhold celebration until the big prize?”

  1. Initially it sounded funny being a miracle and to celebrate, it caught my sense of humour- sarcastic.

    Also being someone who doesn’t like to be affected by praise, it’s easy to let it just wash over me and not celebrate but then maybe i would feel like I’ve not progressed if i didnt celebrate.

    With that said, i see the changes in my communication and being able to express myself and I’m pleased with the progress.

    Now to keep it going.

  2. Instead of saying: keep it going… which, I bet, feels like pressure, and takes you out of the present moment, why don’t you commit to being present. I know you, that is all you need to do to get to the other side.

  3. I sensed i said that too easily, yes it does seem like a daunting task, maybe more appropriate than saying keep it going, but there is a pressure of do i have the Will to do it or am i just agreeing.

    I notice that i can be present so it’s appealing yet i also feel like i’ve done a bit of work, so now i want a rest and be lazy, and i’ll do a little more later.

    Mostly to be lazy with an ounce of work thrown in occasionally to say i did something, blech.

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