How far from your island are you willing to swim?

how far will you swim from your uninhabited island?I had a conversation about 30 years ago with a fellow Hungarian. We were both Landmark “graduates” and assisted our asses off.

“Assisting” is a cheap way to feel superior without having to earn your stripes.

He was an artist, a painter, who was in the US because his wife fell ill with cancer, and needed special treatment. In spite of all, she died, and he was stuck here. Didn’t want to return to Venezuela, didn’t want to go back to Hungary, but his existence in the US was touch and go.

He didn’t feel like producing the “art” that had been earning him a living: kitch sold in furniture stores, mass produced by an artist. Slave labor, mind numbing, and killing the artist within.

It was late in the evening, and we chatted, intimately, like friends that we weren’t.

The simile, or analogy, or metaphor, whatever you want to call it, came up:

If you were stranded on an island, how far would you swim to see if there are any ways to escape and return to civilization?

Split View, Solomon IslandsWe saw, clearly, that the island represents safety, the misery that you know, the past, the mind, the ego.

How willing someone is to leave that behind for what is possible, or death is an indicator of how high someone can go on the vibrational scale, on the consciousness level.

Clinging to life

Now that I am getting older, I see more and more people who are clinging to life. It is not that they weren’t there before. I didn’t have eye for them, I didn’t have any affinity to their plight: they want to live longer, but they don’t want more life in their years.

So what do you do if you are one of these clingers?

The simple answer is: you don’t have to do anything. There are no have to’s, need to’s that force you to do anything. You can continue with the knowledge that you are living a subhuman existence.

Now, if you have been one of these clingers, but for whatever reason, you feel called to become someone who cause their own life… is there anything you can do?

And that is the crux of the matter… because if you are on my site, chances are that you are a clinger is about 100%.

deer-in-menjanganYou are in survival mode, on your little island, not willing to swim too far from it.

A client of mine contacted me yesterday that he is having heart issues, palpitations and such.

You know what I do: I am an empath. I merged my body with his, and I felt the pain in the heart. I asked if it was physical: Yes. Emotional: No. Structural (in the heart): No. Some stuff in the heart: Yes. Grease: No. Thick blood: No. Something alive: yes. Insect: No. Worm: Yes.

If I was already at it, I checked how he was doing with his spider mite infestation… worse than before.

Turns out, he stopped doing what worked.

Now, how does this belong to “how far will you swim” article? Because the longer you are willing to maintain a new habit, a new remedy, a new practice, the further you are willing to swim from your island.

Most people that buy my remedies or activators use it less than two week long.

If you are one of those people that want shakti-pat… a touch by a peacock feather… type of treatment, an online session where all your blockages disappear, a powerful experience… my stuff is not for you.

565PalmyraNorthBeach-500x331None of my stuff is one-time only. Even pulling your attachments, although I do it once, you have to change your habits to accommodate the freedom that you’d been lacking.

Or to change the DNA permanently, eliminating your anchor-to-doom, and your dominant belief’s therefore… potentially life-altering transformation… which, probably go up how it was… if you don’t make it permanent.

And it is work, and you have to change your life for good. I.e. you need to swim away from your island, and never return.

Or you have wasted your money, your time, and your life.

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