I wrote to a client: Grow Some Balls!

feminine skills for menIt’s Sunday, and as usual, I had a profound conversation with my friend. We missed one Sunday in this past eight years, I think.

I had more insights than in a normal month… and here are a few:

1. We are bred to become soft.

The question you’d ask if you wanted to know if they succeeded with you is this: Can you take it? Can you take hard, long, exhausting, painful, cruel, murderous.

If the answer is no, or “yes, but I don’t want to” then they succeeded.

When things don’t go your way, when things are not fast enough for your taste, when someone is not kind and encouraging, when something doesn’t taste, sound, feel good the first time, when something takes consistency and consistent effort to reach… then you’ll quit.









2. You have underdeveloped abilities to see, feel, taste, recognize

A longtime client, turns out, could never taste the difference between energized water and “normal” water.

What could be the reason? When you have your head stuck up your behind, when your attention is on your concern to be liked, to be accepted, to be adored, you can’t really taste your food, you can’t really see anything inwardly.

To be able to taste, really, you need to close your eyes. Why? Because you need to block out the outside, including the mind that would prevent you to directly connect to the body, in this case your taste buds.

I do not know one American born person who has a well-developed sense of taste. In the science of cuisine you are like a person who uses their fingers to count… kindergarten.

Another area where it’s obvious that you don’t have your faculties developed is music. 90% of the people that crowd concert halls is there to look sophisticated. The 10 percent can deal with the music that, for the untrained ear, is like cacophony… confusing noise.

Your ability to be tough, to tough it out is very well correlated to your ability to taste, to enjoy classical music, because they are acquired tastes… leading to liking through intense phases of confusion, cluelessness, displeasure.

In addition, if you can become an active participant, part of creation, by playing music on an instrument, or cooking food, then your access, your appreciation of what you need to do in my programs increases tremendously, because you have graduated from consumer to creator.

My two brothers didn’t learn to play musical instruments, because they quit in their first month.

Fast forward: they are both weak, they both quit, run away, shout when something is hard, or when they don’t get their way.

Developing skills, any skill, is a b-i-t-c-h. It is hard, and it feels like a violence.

If you are not tough… you quit. And in today’s society, the only way to become tough is to train yourself to do things that build skills, and that feel like violence on you.

If you are a parent: your job is to balance soft society… so your children can become tough. Coddling them, explaining everything, will have the opposite effect: they will be even weaker than you.

The more skills you build the tougher you become.

In the Reclaim program each participant is guided to do something that is counter to their nature. The purpose of that is that they can make their DNA activation permanent. 1

It will take time… persistence, toughness. I regularly re-do the activation of the DNA in question, so the actions are not just actions, they become like stitches after an operation: they become the reason the change is permanent.

Each participant has a different “issue”, a different DNA to make permanently active.

Some already show signs of softness, weakness, some are tough.

My goal is to take people all the way to “Expanding Human Being” level… Six people?

That is my dream.

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  1. I activated one or two dormant DNA, which can be said, is a capacity, by pulling their attachments, cords, curses, and spells.

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2 thoughts on “I wrote to a client: Grow Some Balls!”

  1. So I was looking for a recipe for “energized water” on the aforementioned link of sante-water.com while trying to choke down some man-up pills.

    All I found was 13 pages of slap-down to John Assaraf and the occasional mention of “brain entrainment”.

    Did I miss something here, or do I assume that this is a sideways glance at the HOE water entrainment audio?

    ~Brian T

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