If you keep forgetting what you are up to… or if you keep procrastinating


The fear of losing sight of what you want…

You know what you want. And you want to march to it now. But of course the world doesn’t work that way, you need to sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, job, family…

Then opportunities knock. For some, opportunities for fun and companionship. For others, adventure, business, learning.

They say: don’t take your eyes off the ball… That turns out to be another myth that takes away your power to reach your goal, to get what you want.

Nothing can be reached by a straight line, except the refrigerator, the TV and your bed. Oh, and facebook and youtube… Even my site…

So how does this really work?



new-year-resolutionLet’s first talk about commitments. Not the commitments you make, the commitments that make you.

The commitments that make you

Most of them can only be discovered by watching you, yourself, over time.

You see, whatever you say you are committed to: you probably aren’t.

Commitments come from deep… not from the mind, not from the heart, deeper than either.

You can’t avoid them, they are like gravity, they are like the tide… have nothing to do with you.

But, if you are not conscious of them, or if they feel like a bad direction, you’ll try your darned best to avoid them.

Mind made commitments vs. Real commitments

Mind-made “commitments”, goals, declarations, are things you need to focus on. You need to remember them. You need to write them down.

And you are afraid of losing sight of them… so you’ll operate around them, trying to not lose the “commitment”.

A real commitment: you cannot lose it.

There are two kinds of commitments

There are two kinds of commitments:

  1. hidden commitments; Uhhuh, that sound very politically incorrect. Being right, looking good, avoiding domination, are hidden commitments.

    They make a lot of sense. They keep your personality, your persona intact. They come from the ego, and they are designed to keep you the same. YOU didn’t design them, not even your mind. It is part of human DNA.

  2. The second type of commitment is in the direction of growth, in the direction of Life, and it is coming from the DNA as well, the imperative to grow along certain lines…

The mistakes socialized humans make is using their Ego to point to the direction of growth…

Growth within the confines of being right, looking good, and avoiding domination. Small game. not innate, not inspiring, not enlivening, not life-affirming: it’s ego confirming.

That is why you are afraid to lose sight of it, because it is out there, not in here.

And even if you succeed keeping that thing in focus, the outcome is no aliveness, no joy, no self-expression, no fulfillment… because the real you never really wanted it.

How to find your “real” commitments?

Only when you bring consciousness, awareness, witnessing, observation to this, to your predictable, small, survival based action, only then, over time, will you have the option to go outside of the confines of this little triangle… and go for what is really important to you.

I am never afraid of losing sight of what’s important to me: IT won’t let me.

If you watch me, you’ll find very little purposefulness in my actions. Purposefulness is all mind. 100%. Instead I allow the inner to guide me on the zig-zag scenic route path… and, knock on wood, this has been quite enjoyable.

In the Reclaim people are doing the work of returning to DNA and keeping their newly activated capacity alive.

This is what it takes, in my experience.

Some have a harder time than others… but all can succeed. They are supported by the insides… the Real Self.

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