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water-energizer-setupI have been drinking energized water for 20 years. What hooked me was the person who recommended said that his pimples disappeared.

Now, when you look at my skin today, you would not think that I used to have pimples. But in 1995 my skin regularly broke out. I carried in my purse an ointment… so I am not left with no help.

The product I bought was very expensive. But my skin did clear up,

Now, it begs the question, why a cup of energized water or two a day would clear up my skin?

What we don’t know, what the structured water, and alkalized water people don’t say, that unless the water you drink is compatible with your cells, your cells rather die of thirst that allow it in.

You can drown yourself in water, but your organ cells will not get hydrated. Your fat cells will thrive on the low vibration water, but that’s it. Your organs: internal organs, muscles, skin will shrink, shrivel, and underperform.

Aging is, at least partially, the slow dying of the cells for lack of hydration.

Now, with clever enough methods, the cells can be fooled to let the liquid in, but at a cost.

I am not in the business to teach you how to fool your body… but most people are. Sports drink manufacturers especially.

Life is a vibrational phenomenon.

Vibrations are either compatible or not. When like vibrations get into close vicinity, the stronger, the higher vibration will entrain, pull up to itself, the like vibration that needs a little energy.

  • Clocks “synchronize”… that is an entrainment phenomenon.
  • Group of women’s menstrual cycle “synchronize”…
  • People start oscillating on 40 tables on a Transformational Gate… I hear. True? I don’t know. I only know that my chiropractor loved having me on the table, because other people took the adjustment much better, when I was around. He called it entrainment: that was my first exposure to the word.

My Energized water is made with entrainment.

The energy gets downloaded from wherever energies come from, who knows, and the energy, carried in the sound, entrains the water. We could also say it gets infused, but I think it’s a misnomer, although easier to get, because the word is familiar.

But really, it is entrainment, and all the water starts to get entrained, and rise in its vibration, until there is no difference between the vibration carried in the audio and the water.

It’s around 650 on the vibrational scale, a hair higher than that.

Once the water is charged, it starts entraining the air around it, and when you drink it, it starts entraining your insides as well.

Now, returning to the pimples… Pimples are often a sign of cell toxicity: when the cell can’t get rid of its waste products, or toxins.

Your cells need to be properly hydrated to be able to get rid of the waste products.

Which means, that the second reason cells die, is that they can’t get rid of the waste because the normal water, and alkaline water and structured water doesn’t get into the cells.

One of the worst things aging people do is say: I really need to exercise… and they do. But their cells can’t do the work, mostly in the heart, and they give in, they give up… they die.

Now, what else, do you think, can’t get into the cells? If you guessed nutrients, you guessed right. Because the nutrients you take in your expensive supplements and in your expensive organic fruits and vegetables are in the water inside your body that the cells don’t let in.

So you are screwed. Doubly, triply screwed.

So what is the solution? Of course, the solution is to drink energized water. To cook with it, use it like one of my students teaches: even was your vegetables in it. Also: energize your food before you put it in your mouth. A good quality vegetable’s cellular water vibration is 300… that can easily be brought up to 500, if you wash it and soak it in energized water.

Because energized water is so easy to make, and requires such a tiny investment, you should really do it.

So, how do you do it?

The easiest is to have several containers in rotation. Fill them with spring or filtered water, put the headset on them, play the audio for an hour or two. I charge MY water with my hand, so I use two 5-gallon containers with a spout.

But because of the size of the headset, I recommend the rectangular blue containers, 2-3 gallon size. It is also easier to move: my 5-gallon containers are too heavy for me to move. (20 kg).I have them sit on the corners of my big kitchen sink. I have an under the counter 2-stage water filter, and I use food grade plastic pipe to fill the containers. The 2-3 gallon square containers fit under the spout: less hassle.

The Water Energizer audio is still just $20… but it lasts a lifetime.

I have met only one person who could not taste the difference: the energized water is sweetish, smooth like silk, easy to drink. Children and old people also love it.

What changed that the taste changed? Coherence. Normal water is like frizzy hair. Energized water is like silky smooth hair…

And if you can’t be bothered with doing the charging every day, then use entrainment as well.

use the small bottle of fiji in your water energizer setupIf you put two fully charged small bottles(18-24 oz each) of water in your container, those small bottles will entrain your water to 650 in about 24 hours.

That way the only thing you have to worry about is not to forget to fill the container when it’s empty.

So how do you make fully charged small bottles of water?

Put the small bottles (I use fiji water bottles for that) into your container, fill it with water, charge the whole container… when it’s empty, refill. The small bottles are 650 vibration. They will entrain the whole big container.

The size of the headset “speaker” and the volume makes a huge difference. Also the quality of the audio. Cheap headsets may not work well. I would not skimp on that.

The tighter the headset is on the container the better the energy entrains.

energize your water to energize your body

Water Energizer Audio


Click here to go to the sales page for the Water Energizer

PS: Some of my clients use the Energizer audio, in addition to energize their water, they use it on themselves to cause their coherence. Incoherence is when you feel like you are pulled in a thousand different directions… Coherence is that smooth intelligent state when ALL IS WELL.

PPS: Although I don’t ship energized products to Canada, the Energizer audio, of course, creates energized water in Canada, or wherever you live. In Canada you will need to make your water every day, and the Fiji water bottle trick may not work consistently.

The social energy in Canada de-energizes stuff… I live one hour south of Canada, and sometimes it even gets as far as my town. Why? I don’t know.

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