good-badWhich is the most important when it comes to succeeding in the world?

  1. Your vibration,
  2. your intelligence,
  3. your skills,
  4. your context,
  5. your vision,
  6. metal toughness
  7. your habits?
  8. your attitude

I got an email today from a marketing teacher of mine, Frank Kern… not a personal email, mind you, he probably emailed some 40 thousand of his students.

I’ve known this guy for quite some time, spent mucho thousands of dollars with him. He is a real money making master.

He writes and invites people to a webinar with another teacher of mine who is also a big money making master, Brendon Burchard.

Frank Kern’s vibration is: 200
Brendon Burchard vibration is: 200

Both have been higher, but that’s where they are now.
They also have the same IQ.

It would be interesting to have you on this webinar to discuss with you afterwards, which of those elements made the most difference in their ability to make money.

Aren’t you interested? I am dying to know…

here is the email I got.


Admittedly off topic …but very important.

I was listening to a presentation by pastor Rick Warren the other day and he cited a verse that said, “THE BATTLE FOR YOUR LIFE IS IN YOUR MIND.”

That struck me as very profound …and ultimately true.

Think about this:

1. Your mind creates your thoughts.

2. Your thoughts govern your beliefs.

3. Your beliefs guide your actions.

4. Your actions create your LIFE.

So with that in mind, the verse is right.

The battle for your life is in your mind.

If your mind is “weirded out”, your life suffers.

May I ask you something?

Do you ever get overwhelmed?

Do you ever get “frozen” by all the “what ifs” and find yourself kind of paralyzed by uncertainty?

Do you ever walk around feeling stressed out and you don’t even know why?


Yeah – I know I’m supposed to be a “big shot” or whatever but that’s just marketing.

I’m just like you. My life has its ups and downs like anyone else’s.

And I get freaked out, stressed out, and overwhelmed just like the next guy.


I’ve found some techniques and general “best practices” to FIGHT THE WEIRDNESS and …well…WIN.

I’ll give you an example.

In 2011 I went through a pretty heavy divorce after eleven years of marriage.

I was guilt-ridden and absolutely certain I was ruining my two daughter’s lives by doing this.

(I was wrong, thank God. Everything ended up working out perfectly.)

In 2012 I remarried and had a son. (As you can imagine, the tabloid-like gossip from family and friends was delightful.)

Oh yeah, two months before my son was born -my wife, Natalia, got sick and ended up in a COMA.

They didn’t expect my boy to make it. (He did, and he’s a BOSS.)

Between 2011 and 2014 I moved SEVEN TIMES in an effort to find the perfect home for my family.

In 2013 my mentor and greatest hero, my Grandfather, died.

In 2014 my youngest daughter, Katya was born.

…Needless to say it was a ROUGH STRETCH in many regards…and it was filled with blessings as well (two awesome kids!)

But one thing is for sure – it was STRESSFUL AND HECTIC!

So why am I telling you this?


Despite divorce, re-marriage, coma, two new kids, death of my hero, and moving seven times, I literally made more money than I’d ever made in my life.

Look. To say I was under pressure would be an understatement.



I got the “mind game” worked out, that’s how.

brendon burchardAnd tomorrow at 10 AM PACIFIC time, I’d like to show you how on a ONE TIME ONLY LIVE webinar featuring Brendon Burchard.

You can register here.

Now: Two things about this:

1. It’s informal. I literally called Brendon last night and said, “Hey man, you wanna do a live Webinar tomorrow and teach some cool high performance stuff?”

He said, “Hell yes brother let’s do it!”

And therefore, I’ve set aside the time for it and we’re doing it.

BUT …there’s not much of a “formal” vibe here.

It’s just you, Brendon, and me having an open discussion about how to overcome stress, worry, overwhelm, and all the the mental stuff that sucks.

2. It’s 100% LIVE.

Not a single second of this is pre-recorded or rehearsed.

And there will NOT be a replay.

We just literally decided (at the last minute) that this would be fun and would probably help some folks.

So we’ll be on there for Q&A and will personally help you
as best as we can.

Like I said, its 10 AM PST on Jul 10th and you can register here.

See you then!


P.S. Brendon is roughly 100X better at this “inner game” stuff than me.

I kind of downplayed that in the email.

As you know, he’s written two books on the topic and they’ve both been New York Times bestsellers.

So a lot of what we’ll be doing is interviewing each other on what works, what doesn’t, and why.

…And if I have my way, It’ll be me interviewing HIM more than the other way around.

Anyway – come join us here. I think you’ll feel like a champ when we’re done.

If you go, I’d like to hear from you. It’s Friday 1 pm NY time.

PS: Brendon Burchard is selling his high performance academy, so be prepared. Do NOT buy.

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7 thoughts on “THE BATTLE FOR YOUR LIFE”

  1. I watched the webinar and it was really good. I have written to Frank Kern and asked him if he would sell me the recording… so I can share it with you. Haven’t heard back from him yet. Let’s hope.

  2. I attended part of the webinar but didn’t stay for the whole thing because I felt like I was being set up for an expensive sales pitch.

  3. yes, you were. That is why I said in the article: Don’t buy. I have to admit that I wanted to buy. But I muscle tested, and the muscle test said: no. It would be a distraction.

    Why is it that you can’t stay in a conversation that is 90% value and 10% sales pitch?

  4. Yes, I remember that you said not to buy in the article.

    I must admit that your last sentence brought up a reaction, and I see that it’s my ego.

    Naturally, I can come up with excuses but that serves no purpose so I won’t.

    I don’t know why I can’t stay in a conversation that is 90% value and 10% sales pitch.

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