Are you adding good to the bad, hoping the bad will get better?

adding-water-to-the-seaIn almost any endeavor, removing what you don’t want makes more difference than adding something good to the mix.

And although this makes a lot of sense, in spite of it not being common knowledge in self-improvement, you keep on trying to add stuff to your anxiety, to your inability to breathe, to your fear, to your unwillingness or to your listlessness, expecting results, fast and furious.

You are quite stupid, forgive me for saying that. My only excuse for saying that is that I am like you.  I know this is what you do, because I have been observing myself doing the same thing.

As you may have read it before, I live my life as a laboratory, as an experiment, 24/7. My observer even observes while I sleep, most nights.

It is obvious that the person doing the stuff and the observer is NOT the same person… in the context of a laboratory.

In this article I’d like to write about some habits, and some foods that if we (you and me) removed them, our willingness, ambition, will power, energy level, mood would increase manyfold, almost instantly.

  1. food_grains breadsGrain products.

    Muscle test says that there is no significant difference between sprouted and not sprouted grains. All grains, no exceptions.Grains compete with other foods on your diet. But grains are addictive.

    Anything that is addictive creates a craving for itself. Sex, food, drugs, alcohol… and grains.

    The most dangerous grains, for you, are the ones that you can get effortlessly. That you don’t have to prepare, cook, and such. Stuff you can buy in a package, chips, breads, cookies.

    When you take a break from them for a few weeks, you’ll immediately feel, after a few days how you just don’t want to work, how you just want to hang out, how you don’t feel like working out, walking, or even get out of bed.

    I could stop this article right here, and would make you and your life 50% better. But there is more…

  2. nap-and-sleep jet-lagSleep hygiene.

    If you treat your body like a slave, just because you can, you’ll become a slave yourself. Tired, depressed, hopeless, just dragging yourself through life.

    If you treated your body like a good parent, you’d send your body to sleep at a regular time, no matter what is going on, what day of the week it is.

    When you go to bed and get up different times, just because you can, you expose your body to conditions, like jet lag, every time.

    You may not have traveled as much as I have, so you have no real comparison.

    I used to do courses in Los Angeles. Get up at 4 am. Arrive Friday noonish. It took me till Monday to feel like I am a person. to come out of the fog. To have energy. To enjoy my food. To be well enough.

    Irregular sleeping pattern combined with grains… a deadly combination.

    No amount of caffeine will clear you up. Because the body has to do the work, and it takes time.

So, what happens if you have these habits, or one of them, or some other bad habits I didn’t mention, and you add the Heaven on Earth, or the Energized Water, or coaching, or My Secret Weapon?

You may have a little bit of result, but not what I promised. And it doesn’t last.

Because just like dumping rivers of sweet water in the ocean, unless you take the salt out of the ocean, you’ll just get more salty water.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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