Customer Favorite #2: Heaven on Earth

hoe-labelThe Heaven on Earth remedy is based on the Bach Flower remedies.

It’s 40 distinct energies that remedy 40 human weaknesses and follies. How? I don’t know.

There was a time when I was making custom Bach remedies for each customer and client. It took a long time, because I needed to connect to the person, and muscle test them for 40 different remedies.

The time I spent, in today’s rate, would have cost a buyer about 70 dollars. They paid nothing. I didn’t value my own time… that was before I created the Unconditional Love Activators. Before that there was no love lost between me and myself.

But as soon as I found the Unconditional Love Activator, my relationship to myself changed… I asked Source if the energies in the Bach remedies can be duplicated with a downloadable energy. The answer was yes. But it was still a lot of work… Not only that, but the Dark Side attacks could easily neutralize the individual energies… So I asked for the 40 energies to be bundled.

Bundling the 40 energies solved two problem: the time and the vulnerability to attack.

Today I call down the Heaven on Earth as a bundle and infuse it into the water.

I also managed to record myself downloading the energy, and surprise, the audio replaced me: It authentically infuses the water with the 40 energies of the Heaven on Earth.

Why does it work? I don’t know.

How does it work? Like all energies, it works on the principle of waves: two waves either strengthen each other or weaken each other. The third option: they do nothing… Like the 40 energies don’t interact in the remedy.

The 40 energies of the Heaven on Earth meet their counterparts in you, and they dance.

The Heaven on Earth are all weakening energies… as opposed to the Second and Third Phase activators that are strengthening energies. And so is the Water Energizer, and. The Unconditional Love activator.

The Big Bundle, my secret weapon, has two weakening and one strengthening energies.

How to use:

The Heaven on Earth is most effective if it is consumed in its infused form. Why? I don’t know. But I guess that unless your vibration is really high, you are still a little too dense for the energies to do their job in earnest on your foibles.

How do you create your own Heaven on Earth remedy?

You can infuse the energies through large headphones to a body of water, if the audio plays loud enough. The energies don’t change the water, so it is a fast process. When I do it live, I download the energies as a bundle in a few seconds, while the Energizer takes a minute or more.

Why is it faster when I do it directly?

I guess because the energies really come through my hands and not my breathing, when I do it directly. On the audio you get a weaker version of the energy. That is the best I can do. So my one second becomes 15 minutes with the audio.

You can infuse a whole lot of water at one time, and it will hold for days and weeks and maybe even months, except maybe in Canada, where the environmental factors are not favorable.

I made a few hundred bottles of Heaven on Earth two years ago and they are as good as new, I check them before I send them out, when someone orders one.

Why is Heaven on Earth better than a drug, whether it’s a herb or it’s pharmaceutical?

The energies in the Heaven on Earth are transformational. They train you to be more patient, tolerant, open, trusting, relaxed, optimistic, generous, responsible, etc.


It is hard to point to a single cause when someone immerses themselves in many energies, but I am certain that my newfound patience ONLY has come from the Heaven on Earth: the ability to stop and look before I say something nasty. I wish I had it when I grew up. I would be a multi millionaire by now. Effortlessly.

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