What is the meaning of “Every moment is new”

hit-in-faceI discovered yesterday what was the cause of my not wanting to work, not feeling like working in the past few days.

It had a chemical base: after a long time not eating bread, I started to eat bread again. I ran out yesterday… and I expected today to be productive: to get back my old diligent self back.

But all there is there is a desire to watch Netflix…

I clearly saw choice by now: 9:40 in the morning, 10 times. So far I’ve chosen to do something other than Netflix… but what if I slipped?

If I were like you, it would be the end of it.

What is the difference between you and me? Am I smarter? No. Am I more committed? Not necessarily. Then what?

light-at-end-tunnelThe difference between you and me is this: I do not identify myself with the mind. You do.

I observe the mind. I hear what the mind says. But the me… the person who is making the decision is not in the mind, it is not the mind… the “I” is outside of the mind.

Now, why is this relevant?

Because the mind is a meaning making machine. It has default settings, and the default setting has an always, never, everyone, no one in it.

In this case, the mind says: you’ll never succeed. “Now that you screwed up (remember, we are dealing with a slip-up) you’ll continue on the same path, wasting your life on Netflix.”

Is that so? I mean it’s true that the mind says that, but is the mind lying to you?

Yes. If every moment is new, and every moment is a new beginning, then the next moment I can realize that I am watching Netflix in the morning, close the window and get to work.

die-earlyBut even if I binged on Netflix for the next three days, by then the toxin generated by the bread wold weaken, and I could return to work. So even thousands of moments don’t change the fact that every moment is new: three days from now, Sunday morning, I would feel like working again.

So we are talking about two crucial pieces here:

  1. Observe the mind instead of being the mind
  2. Know that the past is NOT determining the future. The future is not independent of the past, the future is not a pie in the sky, and yet not determined by the past.

None of your past behavior, not of your past failures or successes determine your future.

What determines your future is your beingness and your actions.

Being outside of the mind is a beingness. It is not a fully expressed beingness, we could say it’s the core of beingness. No beingness can be without it.

If you want the beingness of diligent… you have to be observing the mind, not identify with the mind.
If you want to be successful, loving, caring, brilliant, healthy, vibrant, energetic: you have to be observing the mind, not identify with the mind.

As long as you are inside the mind, beingness isn’t available to you.

And what starts your climbing on the evolutionary vibrational scale is beingness.

Bad news? Good news?

It’s not as hard as you think it is. Some of the participants in the Reclaim program have crossed the threshold. Yaay.

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