Bits and pieces on misery and happiness


You will see what makes your right

Wherever you look, whatever you hear, whatever you read, seems to make your theories right. Men are bastards, the boss favors someone else, the weather is horrid in your area, and you’ll always be the way you are.

No matter how much “data” is in reality to say otherwise, you’ll only validate the “data” that agrees with your world view.

Somewhere is better than here.

And, surprise, the price you pay for this little indulgence, is misery. Lots of it.

Surprisingly, invented “positive thinking” produces exactly the opposite of what it claims it would do. It takes your power away to actually face reality, in all its gory details, and do something about it… or maybe become a Man… as in Human Being.

Instead you become a puppet. Congratulations

The reason people living in rich countries are not happy

In rich countries there is a fallacy that you can be happy, fulfilled, joyful if you just have what you want.

The truth is so far from this… it is not even on the same page.

The truth about happiness, fulfillment, joy is that they are only available through conquering hardship, challenges… Let me even venture to say: overcoming them is not even a requirement. Staying in the game of attempting to conquer the difficulties, on the other hand, is.

When next time you think about wanting to be happy, or fulfilled, or feel alive: remember this.

Famed psychologist, Victor Frankl decided, in the middle of starving in a Nazi concentration camp, that his life is about living with dignity, or if must, dying with dignity.

He identified this impossible feat as the source of happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

I am a student of Victor Frankl, by accident. I live that way, and I am happy. And my life is one deadly challenge after the other.

You wouldn’t like it… so just stay miserable, dear reader, you won’t like that either. But it is easy.


That awful feeling that sneaks up on you when you, maybe, are doing something wrong?

The past week or so, four-five time in a day, this familiar (from you) feeling comes up “I did something wrong, OMG.”

I look, and I didn’t do anything wrong.

But why am I having this feeling?

Did you know that most of your feelings are not yours?

Just like your thoughts, they are not yours.

I don’t know if thoughts can be transferred, but feelings definitely can.

Bad feelings transmission is going on… Come from the North Pole… and can be felt even in Europe. Of course,

  • if you think all your feelings are yours
  • if you know that you do everything wrong
  • if you are afraid to find out that you are bad, worthless, a failure

then it will work on you in spades. You’ll be a wreck, and someone up North is really happy about it.

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