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Before I created the Unconditional Love Activator in 2011, my vibration was 300. Even 300 placed me into the top 0.1 percent of human population.

Over time, using the Unconditional Love Activator, my vibration is now reliably above 900.

So, what does the Unconditional Love Activator do, that you'd want for yourself?

Good question, right?

Well, here you go:

If you are "normal", then you hate yourself, or you hate aspects of yourself.

From this you COULD see that there are two distinct you's... the hater and the hated. And they won't go away. Those two aspects of yourself will not become one.

Good news: there is a third you, the impartial curious observer that doesn't judge, doesn't have standards and ideals, that you is the mother you never had, the father you never had.

Had you had that third you for a parent, your vibration would be through the roof. But you didn't... Why? Because your parents love was not unconditional.

Their lives depended on your behavior. And, from moment to moment, they judged you according to how it looked to them, how you and your behavior were effecting their lives.

Unconditional love is not available to mortals... neither to give to another mortal, nor to receive from another mortal.

But luckily to that divine part of you, the third you, you are loved unconditionally... because the definition of love is accepting fully, exactly the way you are, and exactly the way you aren't but should be.

Another gift from that third you is that it witnesses your life.

Anything that is not witnessed is as if it never happened. Victory not acknowledged isn't a victory. Love not witnessed isn't love. Happiness isn't witnessed isn't happiness.

We call it attention, but it's a misunderstanding: a lot of people who pay you attention are NOT witnessing your life, they are looking for a way to gain power over you. Or put you down. Or invalidate you and your experience.

But the third you is all on your side.

The problem is: you hear about this third you, probably for the first time: which means you haven't been conscious of it.

You haven't witnessed your third you's compassion, attention, witnessing, unconditional love.

You've been too busy limiting yourself to the two yous... and looking for love outside of yourself. Looking for love, unconditional love, outside of yourself, is a futile activity. There is no love to be found outside of you. Sad? No... who cares. You are loved unconditionally, 100% of the time, you just have to get present to it.

That is what this activator, the Unconditional Love Activator is helping you achieve.

It is not like a switch... it's like 40 little switches... I currently have 78% of the switches on... which means that there is still 22% of all the time when I forget that the third me loves me.

So, how do you get this activator?

Activators are energies. They get delivered in the format that your body can take them.

  1. If your vibration is under 180, you can only take the energies infused in water.
  2. If your vibration is above 200, you can take the energies infused in water or in audio. I infuse the Unconditional Love Activator to every drop of water I consume.
  3. And if you are in a hurry, you should take the energies directly... on a personal call with me, when I download all 40 energies direct into you, over the internet or the phone

Why isn't there a payment button? Because I want you to have your vibration tested before I let you buy anything other than the remedy... Why? Because I want you to buy something that can work for you... I hope you appreciate it.

Here is the paypal button to check your vibration to determine which Unconditional Love Activator will work for you. If you have your vibration already, please send me an email for the link. Thank you.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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