Conditioned patterns can be stubborn

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1598273_1510684609157486_186667503_nI am re-learning to walk. It’s slow going, but muscle test said it would work, so I am practicing.

This morning I got this encouraging email

Hello, It’s Jonathan, just checking in to see how things are proceeding with your new ways of being.

Do you think it looks funny?

Does standing up feel like you’re leaning forward?


I kind of hope you said yes to both of these questions because then I would know that things are probably working as they should–even though it might feel weird.

But, depending on how old you are, if it didn’t feel weird to change patterns that you have held onto for a lifetime there would be some sort of problem.

Corewalking-imageHang in there, though. What feels weird will soon feel normal.

Half of my email is done for me. Because just like I am learning again to walk, this time correctly, I am also learning something that you may want to emulate.

ncisI discovered that every Netflix series has at least one person who rattles your cage. They may hinder the investigation. They may be a jackass. They may be a traitor.

In simple terms, they are blocking smooth sailing for your favorite character.

You curse at them, you gossip about them, you yell, and often you can’t even sleep.

But… They are there for a reason. They are there to create engagement, involvement: it makes you hooked on the show. You get involved. Emotionally.

But how you do anything is how you do everything. If you get angry, curse, blame, gossip about those fictional characters, you probably have character in your own story that you get angry at, irritated with, impatient with, etc.

Now, how I know that is that the show I am watching has a “joker” character in it. Rubs me the wrong way. Want to strangulate him with my bare hands. I have thoughts: without him the show (life?) would be so much better.

So, I willed myself to wake up from the hypnosis created by the show (life?) and look at the phenomenon with sober eyes.

The desirable behavior, the desirable attitude would be to allow the joker to do what the joker does… mighty hard. Feels funny. Or allow the traitor do what the traitor does, betray. Or allow whichever character to be exactly the way they are, and exactly the way they aren’t but should be… without resistance.

Hard, but possible. With lots of practice.

What I found is yet another area of life where I can practice allowing.

I’ll double up on my Unconditional Love Activator.

PS: I got lucky: the weather got very humid and very hot. Yay. I don’t have an air conditioner. I can practice allowing that too. lol.

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