Chronic issues, no answers? Some questions are answered here…

chronic health issues no answersLife, nature, growth are chaotic, and non-linear

Your thinking, your mind, on the other hand is linear.

When it asks the question “why” it expects a linear answer.

But, of course, any and all linear answers are wrong. Garbage in-garbage out. The answer can’t be better than the question.

The only way to see even just a fragment of the complexity of causes and effects is to practice keeping many plates spinning at the same time… to use a juggler analogy.

Instead, you multitask… which is trying to keep a plate spinning, a ball rolling, etc… impossible.

  • Seeing the big picture
  • Concentrating your energies on one issue
  • Using fuzzy thinking (as opposed to jumping into conclusions)

…are tools that can help you see the world better.


Scientists are linear thinkers, and most stuff scientist come up with are plain wrong.

Especially in the area of health, nutrition, exercise, living.

Or money… but that is a topic for another article.

In my quest to find a cure for the mite epidemic, I tested about 30 substances. Most didn’t work, or didn’t work well.

I found a substance that is being sold online for UTI, Urinary Tract Infection.

It’s a sugar, not very sweet, and supposedly how it works is that it prevents bacteria to adhere to the walls of your kidney or your bladder. Hogwash.

At least 60% of UTI is not infection… Infection is caused by microorganisms, bacteria, virus, or fungus. 60% of people with UTI like symptoms don’t have an infection. They have microscopic mites lodged in their urethra.

The irritation caused by the mite causes pain, discomfort, the urge to pee.

The sugar we are talking about, strips the mite’s outer shell, and the irritation stops.

I have been taking this sugar, and I have found that it is not just mites that don’t thrive in the sweet environment caused by this sugar: neither do Candida Albicans (that we call “yeast infection”). And muscle test says that “bad bacteria” in the gut dies slowly off as well.

I had pain in my gut since I was born. The past month I have had no pain, no sensitivity. Makes sense? No… right?

cosmic_pic01_1I know it doesn’t make sense to your Tree of Knowledge mind, after all we are told that yeast infection is caused by sugar… maybe not so, and maybe sugar isn’t sugar necessarily.

Just like water is not simply water, sugar is not simply sugar.

Some sugars are good for you, and are sorely missing unless you supplement them or eat certain fruits regularly.

This article isn’t advising you to take something, or eat something, or don’t eat something else.

The only advice I have for you, based on my findings, is to not believe a word you hear, read, or see.

  • If you have UTI
  • If you are not regular
  • If your probiotic doesn’t seem to make much of a difference
  • If you have yeast infection
  • If you wake up in the middle of the night or can’t fall asleep
  • If you have psoriasis, unexplained spotty hair loss, unexplained wounds on your skin, unexplained bumps, itching, irritation…
  • etc.

Consider that the scientists don’t have the answer. I may have an answer for you. And a solution.

Get a health consultation with me.

I’ll use my empathic capabilities to help me see into you.

Send me a message if interested. Include your complaints and issues, if you would, please.

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