How do you know if a program or method works or not?

will-it-work-for-meA better question: How do you know if a program or method will work for you or not?

That is a crucial question.

A program may work, but

  1. you won’t like it
  2. you will be afraid to do what you need to do to make it work
  3. you don’t have the foundation to make it work
  4. you have time and energy to do it
  5. It takes you away from where you should be, or takes your time and attention from doing what you should be doing.

Worldwide programs produce the advertised results for less than 1% of people who buy it.

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When I muscle test to what degree a program works, I can’t take the individual elements into consideration… but you’ve noticed, there are programs with 10% value… and yet they only get results only for 1% of the people who use it.

My programs are not an exception.

Testimonials… are they a good indicator?

The number of testimonials is not indicative of a program’s success.

Many people buy emotionally and justify their purchase rationally. Once you spent a lot of money on a program, you’ll start looking through a filter to justify your purchase…

Many testimonials are written based on one “event”. Even more are based on the purchase experience. Very few will actually share a result where you know what it took to produce it.

Many testimonials are based on false cause and effect.

So, how do you decide if a program is for you?

How do you decide if you’ll do it, even though it takes time, takes work, and may not be pleasant?

I am confronted with the same dilemma almost every day. After all in order to get my work done, get the word out, I need to buy products, courses, services.

My biggest shopping mistakes come from reasons 1 and 4… I don’t have time to do it, and I don’t like to do it.

Of course, one of the reasons you are where you are (I am where I am) because I don’t like to do what I need to do to have what I want. Duh.

I don’t like to market. I don’t like to post cute puppies. I don’t like the clientele that would come to me through social media, if I started to get cute. Or New Agey.

And I almost never have time for the things I don’t like to do. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

So, how do I decide? I muscle test. I imagine doing it and then muscle test. I ask precise questions and muscle test.

I attempt to take ownership of what needs to get done, and then muscle test again.

As you can see it’s not easy.

Now, how do you know if my stuff work?

work-out-this-timeWell, you don’t really know, do you?

I know my stuff should work… lol.

And recently I have had proof that it works: three of my clients are well on their way to become expanding human beings… And many, having the same resources, aren’t.

So, does my stuff work? Unfortunately it is up to you.

Don’t you hate that? Haven’t you been looking for a solution that is done for you? There is no such thing.

So what is in common in the three people that finally broke through?

  1. They had their attachments pulled, including their dominant belief’s therefore, and their anchor-to-doom.
  2. They use the Unconditional Love Activator to help them love themselves
  3. They regularly participate in Reclaim, a program where they get one-on-one coaching on taking the actions to move forward and grow.

And what was in common in the other people that didn’t break through? They have had their attachments pulled. They may or may not use the Unconditional Love Activator. They do NOT participate regularly in the Reclaim…

Bad news, but your results are up to you. What I do is guide you, what I give you is energetic support, but real changes will only happen from your actions.

Real bad news, isn’t it?

you will have to wipe your ass someday

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