Do you respect money? If not, you pay the price…

loving money for money's sakeWhy is respect hard and rare?

Because respect includes the capacity and the willingness to look again, but this time look from a different vantage point, preferable from the point of view of the other person. Of the big picture, away from the wishful thinking, the inflated self-image, and your expectations.

I remember, that all my life, all I ever wanted is to be considered a person. In a world where people consider themselves things in the world of things, being treated, being looked at, being listened to as a person is so rare that I can remember every time it happened.

And yet, everyone wants to be treated like a person, and everyone treats themselves and others like things.

One of the big prices we pay is with our money.

I had this conversation this past Sunday with a friend who is working on becoming a millionaire: he is at minus lots-of-money right now.

He is working on an investment program… better said, he has been watching what his teacher is doing to make millions. He hasn’t even opened up an investment account… yet.

When I asked where he is at, on a map of 1 to 100, to actually make money, he said he was 80% on his way. Muscle test had a different opinion, it said 20%.

In the conversation, it dawned on me, that my friend doesn’t respect himself, and doesn’t respect money.

If you don’t respect your partner, spouse, they will first withdraw their support and then they’ll leave… unless, of course, the case when they have no respect for themselves, no value on their on lives.

respecting valueRespecting money is respecting value

Respecting money is respecting value. Money is a stand-in for value provided. Not value… but value provided. Exchange value.

My friend puts no value on his own time, on his own life…

He has a filter that is common among people who will never do well: he only respects big money. Millions.

But you can’t get to millions without first respecting the dollars.

T Harv Eker suggests that you start with respecting the pennies. They can grow to millions.

A one-time teacher of mine encouraged people to make a dollar a week, a day… steady. Then double it, triple it.

The keyword is STEADY.

no money? no dealLosers live like life is lived through campaigns.

But life is lived through the small actions that you perform daily.

If I were a fly on the wall of your life

If I were a fly on the wall of your life, how many percentage of your life do you use for the life you want to live? How many percentage of your actions are building a life you desire? Constructive actions…

  • Don’t count reading my articles… likely they are mind-candy for you!
  • Don’t count watching movies, videos, even participating in courses.
  • The only things ever benefited me from a course were the parts that I built into my life, that became constructive actions.

Really, start a running log of how you use your time.
It will give you an insight to what degree you respect yourself and your time.

Respect starts with you… your time, your intentions, your skills, your abilities.

Nothing is possible without that.

For some people it comes easy. For others… the hardest thing they have ever done. It was the hardest thing for me… I am still struggling with bringing it to all areas of my life.

Narrating my life, as in the Stranger than fiction movie is an invaluable tool for that.

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