Feeling lonely? Are you sure you are feeling your own feelings?


Are your feelings yours?

I had a realization a few minutes ago: Every summer I am attacked by this strong feeling that unless I have a life-partner, I am alone, and I have an empty life.

It comes fortified with bouts of depression, bouts of misery, bouts of fear, bouts of anxiety.

Today was really horrid.

Then I got a flash of insight: what if this is not mine at all? What if this has never been mine?

What if the student who wrote to me about lonesomeness… gets the same feelings?
What if YOU are bombarded with feelings that are not yours, and yet, they feel like they are?

What if the MIND doesn’t know the difference, and then you start to plan your life to fix these seemingly missing circumstances, girl friend, horny, marriage, money… and then find that they don’t do s-h-i-t for you, because what made you want them wasn’t yours?

And then I realized that just like I can record my energy transmissions and give them to you, these D.S. people can do the same? Except that their energy “long range” is far stronger than mine… when the winds come from the North they can reach as far as Mexico… half the planet.

And what if they have broadcast stations, not manned, on many locations?

What if unless you can dis-identify yourself from your feelings, your misery will grow… and grow… and grow?

electric_flashPS: as I was looking for pictures… I realized that satellites must be involved… OMG… even more urgent that you learn how to tell if something is yours or not.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

16 thoughts on “Feeling lonely? Are you sure you are feeling your own feelings?”

  1. How can we learn how to tell if something is ours or not? And how do we dis-identify ourselves from our feelings?

  2. If you have to ask, then I didn’t get my job done with you Kathryn.

    Even if you just used one of the techniques, like the sideways glance… you’d already know that your identity is always where your eyes are…

    Only when you consider your eyes behind your eye balls that you are identified with your body and your feelings.

    I hope this answers the question.

  3. That does help – thanks! I love using the sideways glance and I gave it a try and it does help me dis-identify with feelings.

    But I’m having a tough time with seeing that a feeling isn’t mine. It almost seems like I automatically glue myself to any feeling the minute it shows up and make it mine so then when I look at it, it is mine. Maybe I need to work on spotting when I do the glueing thing?

  4. To clarify, the sideways glance is helping me dis-identify with my feelings. But I still feel like ALL feelings are mine – I can’t see a difference between feelings from someone/something else and my own feelings.

  5. if you feel the feelings as if they were your own then you are only imagining looking from a sideways view. That is probably the issue. That you imagine, but don’t move your eyes.

  6. I’m not expressing myself very well. Trying to ask two different questions at the same time isn’t a very good idea! 🙂 What is happening is that when I do the sideways view, I separate from the feelings and it doesn’t matter whose they are. I am separate from them. But when, out of curiosity or just because I want to get caught up in the drama, I don’t do the sideways view and I get caught up in the feelings and I try to determine whether they are mine or someone else’s, they all look like mine. I was just curious how, when that happens, I can determine whether the feeling is coming from me or from someone else.

  7. you know the joke where the guy goes to the doctor and complains that his head hurts when he hits it… The doctor suggests: then stop hitting your head. Why would you go and get caught up? And if that’s what you want to do, then why are you asking me how not to identify? I am puzzled. More drama?

  8. ROFL! That is such a good point! It does sound stupid of me to keep asking. I just have always been curious about it because you’ve mentioned in many articles about feelings coming in and you spotting they aren’t yours and I’ve always wondered how you could spot that.

  9. Oh! Thank you.

    And thank you for your comment about living from the sideways view. I’ve always used the sideways view for a rescue and after I was rescued I went back to my “normal” view. I never even thought of living from the sideways view. I’m going to give it a try.

  10. I am glad to know that it is not only me that has suddenly been filled with an itchiness to get involved with someone, even though deep down I know I do not know what kind of companion I really want, and deeper down know I really do not want it. I am playing Unconditional Love 24-7 to fortify my resolve and sing the tune in my head when I am feeling weak about this.

  11. It would be even more useful if you learned to put your “I” into the Witness position.
    You’d be able to feel AND observe the weird urge and KNOW that it is not yours, because you don’t need it, it CANNOT be yours. Even without muscle testing you’d know. Just like I know that all the anxiety coming my way is not mine. I have no REASON to feel anxiety.

    Really, Dorothy, isn’t it time you learned something?

  12. Deep down I still am skittish and do not trust anyone, even if I am deeply drawn to them.

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