Inner peace… is it possible for you?

anxious,depressed, peacefulInner Peace is elusive, like health.

What do you call peace? The lack of war? What do you call health? Lack of illness?

Imagine that you are walking in a forest, on a footpath on a beautiful summer day. The birds are chirping. There is a slight breeze. There is peace. And you may know that animals are hunting, eating another, and yet there is peace.

It seems that peace is when you are OK with how it is, good, bad, ugly, you are OK. When a ball comes your way: you catch it. When a branch blocks your way, you bend it away. When there is a climb in the path, you climb. When a stone gets in your shoe, you shake it out. No resistance. Life is good.

If you can bring that OK-ness…

If you can bring that OK-ness to your work, to your home, to your driving, to watching stupid people say stupid things, to making mistakes, to your weight, to your money, then you have a chance to say that you have inner peace.

Now, let’s look what else would we experience as no-peace?

My experience is that every time you live inside the gap of how it is and how it SHOULD be, you are not at peace.

  • The “not how it should be” can be about yourself, any aspect of you.
  • It could be about your relationships
  • It could be about a person or people in general
  • It could be even the weather…
  • It is very often about greed… wanting what belongs to another.

A not so obvious example of no chance for peace

I read an article today written by a CEO and founder of a beverage company. A woman.

Her beverage (Hint Water) and my Water Energizer is a match made in heaven. Her beverage flavors the water to make it drinkable, the Water Energizer would make it good for you.

She could actually, authentically say that the Hint Water is good for you… but in its present state it isn’t. It just makes the harmful low vibration tap water go down easier. Like soda. Like coffee. Like tea. Easy to drink way to deplete your energy.

inner-peace-quoteAs I often do, I went for a walk to allow myself the space to feel her, connect to her deeply, connect to the idea of cooperation.

This is what I saw:

In her greed she would not be able to see that win-win-win is the most pleasant and profitable state a business or a person can have. She’d rather not that I win, or even that her consumers win.

inner-peace-symbolShe has the classic signs of greed… a tightening of the throat muscles.

So, what can you learn from this?

9976373_origWhat would you have to do, if you wanted to have peace, on a continuous basis… Like a life that is like an oasis in the midst of a chaotic world?

Not like a few moments of it, but 24/7 or close to it?

What would you have to master?

Here is the first step on list. Honestly, I could tell you to implement the serenity prayer in your life, but after watching thousands of people repeat it like a mantra, while they were suffering, I would do you a disservice.

SymptomsOfInnerPeaceSo, let me break it down for you.

The most important thing you can do is to learn to watch yourself and life from a third party’s, the Watcher’s perspective.

I’ve been calling this “sideways glance”.

The Watcher is impartial. The Watcher only sees what is, and sees none of what should be. It also doesn’t see wrong… it sees what is, and wrong is an interpretation.

If you want peace, you MUST live in that third party place. It disengages the ego’s power, it disengages the emotions’ influence on you. It disengages the mind’s monopoly over you.

When you start to identify yourself with the Watcher, life starts to lose its drama, it starts to lose your chains, it starts to give you back your power.

Heaven is a life lived from the Watcher’s perspective.

From that perspective you can experience love, pleasure, success, fulfillment, intimacy, all of which elude you when you are the puppet on a string pulled by ego, emotions, thoughts.

Is it easy? Once you get the hang of it, it is actually easy.

When you accidentally tripped, pulled back, the moment you notice, you can back out of the chaos, and return to your Watcher’s position.


PS: My energy remedies, of course, make it easier to learn and maintain this position, living from your Watcher.

PPS: But what if you have attachments? Where other people pull the strings? Sigh… I recommend that you have me pull your attachments. It’s expensive, but it’s necessary.

PPPS: If you know you have attachments, and want to get a head start, start using my Big Bundle, my Secret Weapon… it can wash away some of the superficial attachments.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Inner peace… is it possible for you?”

  1. Hello Sophie,

    I’ve been looking at your website and especially your vibrational reviews of many. Pretty interesting! Looks like Muktananda is way up there compared to the other ones I saw. I used to enjoy his energy in S. Fallsburg. 😉
    So of course I am curious to know … where you rank yourself in this lineup?!
    So naturally I am asking. Haven’t found it yet if you have it posted somewhere.

    All very interesting!
    I see you have ranked Matt Kahn as a bullshit artist. Dang!! I’ve really been enjoying his talks!

    Love, light, music and joy to you, Sophie.


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