How to ground yourself when everything seems to effect you strongly?

impossible-dreamDo you often feel like a leaf that is tossed around by every wind, your thoughts, your emotions, the opinions of others, fashion, urges etc.?

When you give up the big game because it looks, feels impossible, because you succumb to hopelessness

I just came back from my weekly grocery shopping.

I sat down by the computer when a wave of hopelessness washed over me. “Why bother, it’s never going to work, no one is interested… Just watch Netflix…” suggested the feeling.

This morning I was jerked out of sleep at 6 am by the thought: I am depressed because I have given up on my impossible dream.

So now, five hours later, I am looking to see if what really happened is that I unknowingly heeded the suggestions of the emotions broadcasted by the Dark Side… and that is all that has happened?

Muscle testing says, yes, that’s exactly what happened.

And it will happen every day, unless I remember to check if the feeling is mine or not.

Unfortunately, your parents, your friends, your spouses encourage you to give up impossible dreams and go for the possible, money, a vacation, good times, education.

8133ca4dabbb89a10ac44512d07400deHaving a calling, having an impossible dream, an avocation forces the society dictated priorities onto the back seat: romantic love, consumption, shopping, voting, charity, and such.

Your family is as unconscious of the evil they impose on you as I have been for the past month. They are puppet on the same string that we all are… unless we can tell the difference between our own feelings and the feelings broadcasted to us.

Your family means well, but they are ignorant to the fact that when you give up the big dream, you enter the world of the horizontal, enter the world of the blah.

Living in blah means more consumption, more eating, more drinking, more sexing… all activities that don’t benefit anyone but the Dark Side.

Many of you have given up so long ago, that you can barely remember that you had some dreams… dreams you have replaced with dreams of riches, dreams of security, dreams of adventure… all about you, all dreams that even if you attained them, would not make you feel good about yourself.

One of the main reasons you can’t grow beyond where you are now, because you are unwilling to build a wider foundation.

dream-peace-in-paperWhy aren’t you? Because foundation is below the surface. Because building foundation is not fun… it’s actually quite painful.

But your above ground self can only go as big as your consciously built below ground foundation.

One possible interpretation of your vibrational frequency, vibrational measurement is that it measures the consciously built below ground self… and thus your above ground self.

When you are a “positive thinker”, or Law of Attraction person, you willfully avoid the below the ground aspects of the self… and you stunt your growth… and your vibration is low.

Here is what Rob Brezsny has to say about this:

“No tree can grow to Heaven unless its roots reach down to Hell,” wrote psychologist Carl Jung in his book *Aion.* My interpretation: We earn the right to experience your profound love and your brilliant light by becoming familiar with our own shadows and suffering. Indeed, it may not be possible to ripen into our most radiant beauty without having tangled with life’s ugliness.

If you could learn and emulate one thing about me, learn and emulate my willingness to dig up and look at the ugly, the stinky, the evil, the dark, the distasteful, the unloving, the ungenerous IN ME.

It builds the foundation for a beautiful self, and high vibration.

Or you can stay rootless, flimsy, pretentious, and low vibration.

Your choice.

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