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One of the technical things a human could apply to their own life, to their emotional life, is the shock absorber, other than alcohol or sex.

A shock absorber reduces the load on every part of the vehicle, your foot, on your head… wherever you are using it… and if used properly, your it can do the same thing for your emotional and physical self.

The bombardment of humanity with negative emotions is continuous. There is no shield, there is no distance, there is no bunker that can protect you… but you can use a shock absorber… A shock absorber that works fast, and doesn’t take you out of life, but allows you to continue life as if nothing happened.

An emotion only wreaks havoc when it’s resisted.

Even LOVE resisted, will wreak havoc in your system.

shoe_or_foot_by_e_kingThe reason positivity, or avoiding negativity kills so many people, because the non-acceptance, the resistance to what is, is a serious attack on your innards. Not your psyche, your body.

The new Source Energy I am working on and testing is a Shock Absorber… it takes the resistance away, and thus reduces the load on your body… physical, and emotional.

Can you create the shock absorber effect yourself? Unless you are more skillful than most in allowing, unless you mostly don’t even notice that your emotions are peaking, I don’t suggest you go on the Do it Yourself route…

I haven’t been able to just let go of the pain, the tightness, the fear: the transmitted emotions, and in my case, the physical attacks are too painful, too persistent, too solid.

But the new energy, still in its infancy, seems to be doing the letting go FOR ME, although I have had to download it two-three times at a clip, the second and third downloads separated from each other only a second or two, have been removing the near unbearable tension created by the resistance.

Allowing is not natural. Resistance is.

Allowing is learned behavior.

I have had four cats in my lifetime. Two of them never learned to allow… Two others that were with me from kitten age did.

You know they let go that when they realize that no matter what we are going to the vet, they turn into a soft pillow… no more resistance. They resist only as long as it seems to make a difference.

The difference between the cats was that the ones I nurtured from kitten age learned to trust me. The others didn’t.

You need to have learned to trust a person to allow them to “touch” you.

If you have learned that pain is bad, that negative emotions – like anger – are not allowed, either through others’ reaction to it, or through extreme pain, then letting go, allowing, is not easy, or not even possible for you.

walking080428_1_560Most people I know are like that. Unable to let go, unable to allow. I am like you. If a doctor wants the knee reflex from me, they need to distract me… otherwise I can’t let my leg swing out… It’s not conscious, it’s automatic. I automatically resist.

But with automatic behavior like that you are like a wine glass… anything can shatter you, or paralyze you… which one is worse? Both are horrible.

The Shock Absorber method is brilliant because of its simplicity, and because it doesn’t require you to be different than you are. If you are like me: you need it.

Get your Emotional Shock Absorber
Update: The Emotional Shock Absorber is ready and it’s effective medicine for the bad emotions the world spews at you.

I have released, finally, the Emotional Shock Absorber. You can get it for a song…

Get your Emotional Shock Absorber

A good question from a student:

It seems the shock absorber works quickly I feel better already!!! Do these dark side transmissions affect my vibration? Thank you

My answer: they don’t. they effect how you feel… of course on the long run they may lower your vibration… if you believe that they are yours… and judging from my experience, the mind always finds a justification why I feel so bad… I just know better. I play the Emotional Shock Absorber, and it is all gone.

Another customer wrote:

hi Sophie,

Just ordered 6 bottles of Unconditional Love Activator.

I am really in a talespin today I can’t locate myself, “the emotional shock absorber” is brilliant for ironing out the creases. It is working like a charm! Fantastic, I have it on my mobile it is easy to locate on the app download page, the ease returns instantly. I don’t know how you do it, but it is Marvellous stuff! To say the least.

Best Regards

Here is another one that came in today

Hi sophie, I have been using the shock absorber audio since yesterday and I don’t know how to explain how I feel but it’s making me feel lighter,happier or something to that effect I just know I’m feeling really good.

and another one

It really works. Playing it on my ipod when i’m outside and on my computer when i’m inside. A few minutes after i woke up this morning i felt the darkside transmission start to affect me. Anxiety, can’t breathe, feeling tight. Listening to the emotional shock absorber has me feeling better already and releasing the body tension.

Mille gratzie to you Sophie.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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8 thoughts on “Emotional Shock Absorber…”

  1. I agree with Matsa’s comment! Taking the resistance away – incredible – it seems too much to hope for. I’m so glad you chose this energy to work on!

  2. Is the Shock Absorber getting close to being ready? It sounds like you’ve been extremely busy lately, but I’m hoping you’ve been able to fit in some time to continue work on this one!

  3. I’m so glad to hear it’s working – I sure am looking forward to using it. And what a great way to celebrate your birthday!

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