Seeing the big picture… a uniquely Human Being capacity

seeing-the-bigger-picture1Why is it so difficult to see the big picture?

Seeing the big picture has three dimensions, maybe four.

  1. seeing wide: Instead of locking onto a detail, you see the environment inside which the detail is. This is possible the moment you ALLOW what is to be.
  2. seeing from high: Most things unfold over time, much like traveling on a windy river… you don’t know what is coming beyond the bend, if it is friend or foe.This is one of the problems in making things happen: it is near impossible to be prepared for eventualities you can’t predict.

    If you can see from high, you can see beyond the bend and be more prepared, or make better decisions
  3. seeing in time: being able to see what lead to the current situation, and what possible futures are available, is also being able to see the big picture.





bbc8c4aa14285136ab5a0d740b06cbc6Human culture in general isn’t interested in you being able to see the big picture. Human culture, from the beginning, was built on creating leaders and followers, and 99.99% of people are designated as followers, as peons, as doers, as betas, and gammas, using the terminology from the Brave New World.

Of course, this means that education is designed to keep you from this skill… from becoming an alpha… to be able to see the big picture.

But it is in your DNA, albeit it is not activated.

The only thing that activates a dormant DNA is actions that require the faculty.

My experience with people is that you don’t do anything that require the faculty. Moreover, you avoid people who have the faculty and try to guide you to use your own.

During my morning walk I visited with a neighbor. A “scientist.” Scientist should mean “alpha” but it doesn’t. Even among scientists most are beta and gamma… and my neighbor turns out to be “not an alpha”… Which was apparent in the conversation when her eyes glazed over. lol.

The fourth dimension is what I call bilocation… you experience your actions, your body, your emotions, your thoughts, but you also observe them from the outside, thus seeing your attitude, your beingness, and see what others would see if they saw you.

The fourth dimension is possible for everyone, and it is actually possible to live there… and gain some distance from the storm in a tea pot way of existence you now live.

The gift of bilocation

Between you and me, until you learn to spend most of your time in that fourth dimensional way of living, you’ll be a victim of feelings, emotions, attitudes, and thoughts… none friendly to what you are up to. None are your friends.

It is taught that the difference between animals and humans is the ability to speak… I don’t know if it’s true. I know though, for certain, that the difference between humans and human beings is the ability to live a life from the fourth dimension, from the Observer’s position.

In the Observer’s position all four dimensions, all four aspects of Big Picture are visible. There is no hurry. There is no pressure. There is no suffering.

Have you noticed that when someone comes to you with a problem, you have wisdom available to you… but when you have a problem, suddenly you find yourself stupid.

It’s normal… it’s a human thing…

Isn’t it time you tried the Human Being way? Where you can’t be stupid?

PS: Answers to reader questions:

1. how do you learn it? Use the Stranger Than Fiction narration method
2. energetic support for the Big Picture living Avatar State Audio

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