You want to change your actions? Don’t bother with the mind!

Inside-my-MindI am not hundred percent clear on the topic, but I am going to start it anyway.

We, humans, think that our minds dictate and direct our actions, and we are desperately trying to change our minds, if we don’t like the actions, or strengthen the mind if we do.

But what if the mind has nothing to do with our actions.

I am reading a book about this, this is probably why I paid attention today, when this happened:

It’s very hot today. As my habit, I leaned into the bath tub and opened the cold shower to cool off.

I was going to count to ten, when I noticed that I turned off the shower. WTF, right? My mind had nothing to do with it. Nothing. My mind was, actually, busy counting to ten, and I was only at three.


So I continued paying attention.

I got up and found myself eating, I found myself in the bathroom, I found myself watching a video… looking out the window, taking my top off, tens of actions… totally not initiated with the mind.

Now, I don’t think I am alone with this…

If this is true, then all our efforts to change our minds, coaching with conversations, reading books, watching inspirational videos are completely wasted.

That includes the “avoiding negativity” and positive thinking as well.

Now, with that said, we are still left with the actions we don’t like, with the actions that take us away from our dreams, take us away from our goals, our better selves…

So, if the mind is not responsible for our actions, what is?

I do not believe in subconscious mind: that is mind as well… so, in my world, that is humbug.

It is true, something outside of the mind is initiating our actions, something a lot more ancient, a lot more fundamental to life.

Whatever it is, it is terribly influenced by the stuff that I remove when I remove the “attachments” from people.

We could say that what I see as attachments, are imposed energies on a healthy organism. Imposed impulses, imposed imbalances, imposed energy leaks.

I have lots of students and clients already instinctively taking actions more in line with what they want than before.

But let’s look at me:

I am walking. I am walking cheerfully, every day, even though it hurts. Don’t ask, I am not going to explain why, not here, not now. I am not thinking about it: I am doing it.

I have completely cut out starches and sugars. For the first time in my 67 years I have no abdominal pain. None. I don’t even think about it… I am just doing it.

I am taking care of my environment… that has always been my Achilles heel… and now, without thinking about it, I find myself doing it.

There are still areas where the actions are not in line with what I’d like to see, but I trust myself and trust life. I am not thinking about trusting… I just trust.

Amazing. I could say it’s a miracle, but it is more accurate to say: it’s miraculous.

And I love it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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