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seeing the world and yourself differentlyYesterday’s article said that it’s futile to try to change the words, try to change the thought to change you or your life.

And yet, some of the time those programs work. Often? Not at all.

So why do they work, how do they work?

When I look at the examples where something shifted like in my first encounter with hypnosis, I see that the behavior changed. Dramatically.

Were the words that changed? No. Something much deeper. If I want to go out on a limb, I could say that the picture of myself changed.

NQfr_700 XE6R_700 Nmmk_700 NLcr_700 XXMS_700Now, there are many programs that try to do that. Ask you to visualize yourself as someone who can.

How often does that succeed? Not often.

Why? Because you visualize yourself with the mind… with words, and as we have said it before, that doesn’t work.

Is there any other way to see yourself? Obviously… but to get access to it you need to be able to look from outside of the mind, and I find that it’s near impossible for everyone.

And yet, you can. You have self-awareness… which, counter to popular description, isn’t really measured with recognizing yourself in a mirror, on a video, in a photo. That is what elephant’s can do… the human capacity is way beyond that.

The capacity expresses itself with the ability to narrate, to see yourself in action while you are looking at you and the action and your interactions from a third party point of view.

Because most decisions you make from behind the eye balls position, we could safely assume that the third party vantage point is to take you out of the ego position, so you can be objective, practical, and intelligent.

Any program that allows you to stay behind your eye balls will predictable fail you.

These programs can be hypnosis, self-affirmations, etc. You can even walk on fire… if you do it from your limited perspective, it won’t make a difference.

Your view is limited to what you already know, what you have already seen, felt, decided, and therefore you can’t change.

I walked on fire, and it made no difference.
I descended on the vertical rapel, pulled myself through on the horizontal rope, descended on the zip line, my self-image did not change. I did it firmly seated behind my eye balls.

I didn’t start to see myself different, until I saw myself from the outside, I also wrote about that. You can watch yourself on on video… but that doesn’t help, because if you are aware enough, you can see that you are still looking from behind your own eye balls… No, I saw myself while I was doing whatever I was doing, looking, sounding the way I looked and sounded.

Narration, patterned after the Stranger than Fiction movie is a very effective way to start. The movie is in the subscribers’ area of the site. If you are already a member there… enjoy. If not, I ask for a nominal fee, so I weed out the freebie seekers.

XhdN_700PS: each picture in this article is a surprising view that can break life open for you… until you see life differently, you’ll be limited to dancing on the small dance floor… where the results are always the same.

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