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There are two categories of humans from the aspect of personal growth:

  1. sheep, victim, the effect... not in action, hoping, praying, visualizing, etc.
  2. the climber

In this article I want to talk about the climber. The politician. The ruthless user. The win-lose type of person.

Why do you want to know them? Because you need to know evil intimately to fight evil.

You can't even know good unless you know evil. You can't know light unless you know darkness.

Now, let me answer the question most of you will have: what if you are a giver, a generous person, highly spiritual, blah blah blah... the type that sends me emails about me not being loving, compassionate, etc. enough: You are a climber. Hate me as much as you want.

Inside human there is no third. If you have struggled your way higher on the evolutionary tree (rare) then you are a human BEING... one of the eight.

OK, back to the CLIMBER

The climber is an opportunist, climbs on the backs of others towards his desired position over other humans.

I used to be a climber: I compared myself with others, I felt envy, anger, frustration, vengeance, I wanted to win, I complimented, etc.

About 40% of humanity are climbers, the rest are the first category.

I know climbers better than the first category, because they are up to something. Now, they are not often willing to actually work on what it takes to achieve what they want, they spend more time cutting other people, scheming, gossiping, and such.

They are, simply put, politicians.

They are more interested in being above others than being above themselves...

They use whatever means necessary to do that. They are the ones that are holier than thou. They are the ones that preach compassion, love, caring... those, on the human level, are political moves, slogans, bombastic and empty.

They despise the first category, they look down at others, they fancy themselves better.

Now, let's see how each category can cause their own growth:

Category one: the goal is to move out of complacency, move out from the stands, and move onto the playing field. Slowly or fast: it doesn't matter. As long as you are moving.

Category two: the goal is to develop the capacity to look at yourself from a third party perspective, so your actions will be inclusive of others, so you won't feel so good about trashing others, crushing others, winning at any cost.

I'll write more detailed articles, but I want this article to be an introduction with every detail at least indicated, so you see what it will take.

What energetic support can I provide?

  1. Regardless which category you belong to: you may have energetic attachments, and you have the dominant belief's therefore, and your anchor to doom... If you can afford it, ask me to remove them. Once you have done that, you are eligible to my famous coaching program.
  2. The Avatar State Audios: when you play the avatar state audios (regardless of the title of the audio activator) you'll start to experience your pretense, whatever that may be.When you see your pretense, you wake up. That is the main purpose of these activators.
  3. The Effortless Abundance Activator: this activator attempts to activate all the good dormant DNA. Even if it only succeeds with one, life dramatically alters, because now you have a starting point, a fixed point from where you can alter your world (paraphrasing Archimedes and Galilei).
  4. The Unconditional Love Activator... oftentimes the inner discrepancy between your two selves is the culprit in you being stuck.

But what about the Energized Water, you ask? The Energized Water will cause your coherence... but only action causes growth. And what about the Big Bundle? Almost the same as the Energized Water, or the Energizer energy: restores coherence...

And here is a short video on the history of the earth dominated by the climbers... Amazing

Suggestion: set the video to play slower... It is near unbearable when it plays at the speed it is set by its creators.

PS: here is a way to be neither a victim nor a climber: Kiva. It helps others but it's a loan. So you are not a do-gooder, you are a catalyst... a role much higher, full of respect.

I have been using Kiva lending as a way to cause circuitry to move the stagnant energy around me and my business. It works fast and it works like a charm. And for some time you can get the money to lend, you only pay the processing fee, some three bucks and change.

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