Intelligence is like money: it can buy you a lot or it can buy you junk


very-smartGet Rid of Frustration Once and for All?

I just pulled the energetic attachments from two guys, and I had an insight while I was doing it.

Both guys are frustrated: given how smart they are, their results should be over the top, but they aren’t.

When I looked at their dominant belief, I saw the reason.

When you think of yourself and your dominant belief, you, I guess, think that your dominant belief is something bad about you, something lacking about you.


smart and poor manThe most damaging, the most frustrating dominant belief is to believe that you are smart.

I graduated from a high school where you needed to have a 3.8 grade average to stay in the school… and other schools 4.0 would only get you a passing grade here.

This is exactly what happened to me: I dropped to the bottom of my class and was asked to leave. By some shenanigans I was allowed to stay. I realized that I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was. I also realized that thinking I was smart gave me the habit to get by the seat of my pants… with just smarts alone.

I buckled up and spent 4-5-6 hours a day studying. My results got me to the most competitive school on top (architecture school where there was an over application, 20 applicants for each spot).

I got lucky: I learned that smarts is not sufficient… but my “nature” was still fighting to prove that I was smart.

Many of you are like me, except that most of you have never learned to put in the work.

There is another cost of thinking yourself smart: you won’t look before you leap, you look in your mind.

Your mind has two disadvantages:

  1. it is absolutely and completely unaware of what’s going on
  2. it stores a lot of information, most of it is inaccurate

You can see that going to the mind for answers, the thing you do when you think you are smart, is going to give you frustrating results.

Reality is an ever changing, dynamic chaos, and unless you look at it, suspending the mind, your response to it is inaccurate. You may scrape by, but you’ll never be a winner.

So, what is there to do if you fancy yourself smart, but your results are sub par?

You need to have your dominant belief pulled, and start acting consistent with it gone: you are just a person who will make decisions from what you see… not from your “smarts”.

Is it hard? It is wicked hard, I can attest to that. I am still not stopping to see every time, not really.

IMG_7036You see, life isn’t like school where you are measured, publicly, regularly, and ruthlessly, daily. In life you can coast, and only you know that your results are not there… Others won’t know.

But the life, living like this, is not joyful. It is not rewarding. It requires a lot of pretense to be thought of well.

And your heart hurts, your liver is toxic, and your soul is giving you grief, no matter what is your soul correction, the soul wants you to interact with reality on the basis of looking.

Bummer, eh?

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