Are you a healer? How would you know?

healer-training-2The best scam people run on the internet is teaching people in classes to become a healer. Some even give certificates to teach these classes.

Before I realized what I can do, I was most interested in coaching… and the same thing is happening in the coaching industry.

I have seen “nutritionists”, Bach Remedy “specialists”, Reiki “masters” that paid some money to some Scheister to certify them to do work that they could not do.

It’s a cultural thing, not even personal.

People hide their desire to climb, to dominate over people, to be a “desire to receive for the self alone” person in do-gooding activities. Big money in teaching them. Big money if filling the world with people who think they can, but they can’t.

This article came from my own experience with myself…




Reiki-Courses-bannerAs you know, I energize my water with the Energizer, and I also download into it the Heaven on Earth, the Unconditional Love Activator, and the Second and Third Phase activators.

I’ve noticed that unless I am fully connected to Source, unless I am fully in the vertical, I go through the motion, but energy doesn’t download. I muscle test.

Then I correct my stance, I fully connect (sometimes it takes me a minute or two) and allow the energies to move my body, instead of undulating my body thinking that it activates some energies.

Yeah, I know. I do what all people do… doing the outward hoping that the inward comes with it, or that the effect will activate the cause. Stupid… but that is the culture. That is the norm.

  • When they tell you to fake it till you make it: that is what they suggest that you do.
  • When they tell you to think positive… that is exactly what they suggest that you do.
  • When they tell you to be kind to all people… that is what they do: they suggest that acting kindishly makes you kind.


It is putting the cart in front of the horses…

  • Your actions ALWAYS come from your beingness
  • Your emotions ALWAYS come from your beingness…
  • Your attitude ALWAYS comes from your beingness…

Your vibration is a true reflection of your beingness.

We live in the age of pretense.

You follow people who have the same beingness as yours. You follow people who won’t tear your mask down, who don’t ask you to do something against your beingness… And you expect that to be a happy life.

You think you feel miserable. But the truth is: you ARE miserable… and no outside change will ever alter that.

Something inside needs to change, but it is hard to cause that while you keep on pretending.

Unfortunately. Otherwise you would be already happy… given the amount of money and time you have spent watching inspirational videos, going to inspirational classes, reading inspirational books and quote.

You, unfortunately, have to go through the valley of the shadow of death… the time you spend telling the truth, letting go of pretense… the only way to go back to the time when you were still a person.

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