Can I connect directly to your Consciousness to get you well?

can your consciousness help you to get well?Unexpectedly, I am finding myself doing health coaching on the Reclaim program.

Although that wasn’t my original intention, it turns out that if someone chooses to get well, get enough energy to live life well, to relate well, to find and live a purposeful life, then health coaching is their path, and my job is to accommodate it.

It’s a whole different coaching experience than my $200 per session health coaching: here I get daily feedback for weeks or months… invaluable.

higher-consciousness4Now, Reclaim does not include energy healing. It does include refreshing the pulling of the dominant belief’s therefore, and the anchor-to-doom, after all that is the basis to be accepted to this program: having all your attachments pulled.

Now, a little sideways… how did I manage to get well after 60 years of not being ever well?

I needed to change what I eat, how I eat, what I eat together, etc. I also needed to get stuff that caused my stomach and gut be unhealthy killed or at least manage… It took me countless of tests, but most importantly, a covenant with my Consciousness, the part of me that can watch and be awake, alert, aware, even when I am busy, or when I sleep.

It’s taken a few years, but the results are quite amazing: being pain free, having all the signs of good digestion, was never possible, not as far as medical doctors, or even naturopathic doctors are concerned.

Official medicine, with all the stuff they know, could never have taking me to this stage.

The secret was the agreements I made along the road with Consciousness, and then, most important, HEEDING the previously agreed upon signals.

Now, here comes the question: can this system be transplanted to a coaching program?

So, this morning, I asked Source a question that may alter the future, maybe even dramatically.

I asked if I can connect to people’s Consciousness, directly, and make agreements with them.

The answer was yes. Then I connected to this particular student’s Consciousness… finding it an unhappy place.

Consciousness is happiest when you listen to it, heed its guidance… then it’s happy.

I started a dialog… I wanted to find an agreed upon sign that Consciousness would use to start communication with the student.

After a lengthy search we found one that might just work: a sudden numbing of the face… I don’t think it can be ignored. 1

Consciousness-24-7It should be caused when the student needs a re-orientation…

I can’t wait for this to become a full blown test… This student is eating such a nutrient poor diet, that she is barely alive, and her emotions jerk her around.

It will be a great victory if I can create, remotely, this connection between her and her consciousness.

I bet you have a question. I can hear you squirming to ask: Why I am not leaving it to her to connect to HER consciousness and make these agreements herself?

The answer will disappoint you, but you need to know:

Unless you can connect to Source and stay connected for at least 15 minutes at a time, you’ll work in your imagination, with the mind, and will totally miss your consciousness.

So, at this point, I have to do it for you.

The rest is really between you and your consciousness…

Once she gets a significant rise in energy, we can get to the important questions of living a life worth living, with Reason, purpose, and meaning.


  1. Mine is a hot flash… intolerable and impossible to ignore, it’s so unpleasant

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

16 thoughts on “Can I connect directly to your Consciousness to get you well?”

  1. Sophie, I am extremely curious as to what your clients experience has been so far, after you made the agreement?


  2. I need to disappoint you. This article was musing, I haven’t done it just yet. I know I can do it, but haven’t done it. The person needs to be awake and aware enough for this to work…

    My consciousness was trying to talk to me for decades before I was awake enough to get the message.

    The client I have my eyes on has a real struggle with what to eat and how to eat… as soon as I am clear about the mistakes she makes, I’ll make the agreement. And I’ll probably write about it in this blog.

    Is there any reason you are excited, for yourself?

  3. I find this exciting because of the unknown possible agreements that could be made on our behalf, that would make it easier to progress.

    Essentially lazy.

  4. yes and no. Because Consciousness won’t leave you alone and continue being lazy…

    Nowadays I am awakened by Consciousness at least twice a night, sometimes three times… So good bye lazy…

    But if you want results, and you are willing, it works in spades.

  5. I want results and i’m willing to be cajoled by consciousness, how can i get this for me?

    Thank you.

  6. unless I know what agreement will take you where you want to go, I can’t do it… so at this point this is only available for people in the Reclaim correspondence coaching, and only at the point where I am clear…

  7. I am still excited by this, are you anyway clear on this with regards to me?

    Thank you.

  8. Wonderful, would you do this for me please?

    I just had random short bouts of laughter directly from my throat, it seems relevant..

  9. In the previous comments we discussed whether there was an agreement that could be made with my consciousness that would get me to where i want to go, you said only for reclaim students and when you are clear..

    I take it that you meant when you are clear on the appropriate agreement for each person..

    I was asking if you were clear on an appropriate agreement for me that could be agreed with my consciousness, to re-direct me or to nudge me to not be lazy, something along those lines.

    I hope this is clearer.

    Thank you.

  10. I want to use my life to become a human being, activating and using as many capacities as possible, and hopefully being able to influence others to use theirs when i am capable of noticing/guiding them.

    So the way i see it i would want to agree with consciousness that consciousness would nudge/re-direct me to the areas where i could use/activate the capacities i am not yet using/ nudge me to be aware of when i am failing to use those capacities, for example when i am doing the opposite.

    Would this be acceptable?

  11. sorry, I could feel the greed as I read it.

    You will need to first work on some of the already activated capacities that were never used, because they go counter to greed, etc.

    Also, as I said to another comment… getting complete with the past is a pre-requisite to do the soul’s work. You are still mad at someone? YOu are still restricted by someone? afraid of someone? that is the first job.

  12. I would say that the mad, restricted, afraid, is related to my father, he is/was wreckless when it comes to money, somewhat of a loose cannon.
    also domineering/controlling/tyranical Aries.

    I am sure it relates with the greed, gimme gimme gimme because if i don’t get it he’ll waste it or there wont be enough.

    It doesn’t take a lot for me to get mad inside, in his direction, if it’s something that threatens my well being, my life, my freedom, i’ll be fuming.

  13. You have the capacity of bilocation active, unused. How I know it is that you are looking at this from your own shoes.
    Your job is to step into his shoes and find compassion… Tought? You betcha!

    This is tough work.

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