Updated: The 3-headed hydra attachment and the “thing” hanging over my head

the 3-headed hydra attachmentI had a remarkable learning experience today

It being Tuesday, I went to my chiropractor, like I have for the past 30 years.

I was out of whack… limping, wheezing, hurting.

There was hardly any misalignment physically, but energetically I was a mess.

It was all the aftermath of my encounter yesterday with the “3-headed hydra…” my name for what happened.

A woman who used to be my coaching student, reappeared after two years of silence. She asked me to check her for attachments. I connected to her, dummy me, and was immediately infected with three attachments on my forehead, like three horns.

3-headed hydra attachment

ghidrahAs soon as I removed one, it grew back. Finally I managed to gather them, like flowers by their stem, and pull them together.


the sword of damocles hanging over meLittle did I know that there was a fourth “thing”, not on my body, but about three feet above me, that started to seriously wreak havoc with my energies.

I had horrid nightmares, tossed and turned all night.
I had indigestion, cramps, and pain at a hundred different places.

The chiropractor, who also services the Onondaga Nation reservation, tried to get rid of the “thing” hanging above me, but it didn’t quite go away.

As I was trying to work on another client, upon my return to my apartment, I felt the thing above my head.

I muscle tested, and it was there, potent as ever. Can I remove it myself? yes. Can I pull it like an attachment? no. Can I dissolve it with energy? no. Can I push it out of my sphere? yes.

So I did just that, pushed it far away that it didn’t seem to effect me any more…

That was an hour ago… As I am writing this, I can feel that it’s back. It feels like the moon is causing my brain to swell, like it’s tide and my brain is the ocean.

Muscle test still says push it into the Light… but it is now aware that I am trying to get rid of it… and slips of the ray of energy I am sending.

So I have a real learning experience… and I am at the level of failing… But I can do it, it is only a question of persistence. And that I have in spades… lol.

No nasty three headed hydra will get the best of me… Wish me luck. xoxo

UPDATE: After several attempts to throw away this “thing” always to come back, I realized that I must be “flagged”, so I decided to cloak myself, i.e. make myself energetically invisible. And so far so good, it actually left… probably looking for my energy signature in the Universe.

So, like with everything, unless you know how it works, you are ineffective with it.

UPDATE 2: Personal message to the unfortunate client with the infectious attachments: The same type of “Damocles Sword” “thing” hanging over your head: you have it too, in fact I got it from you.

You can use my “invisible” activator to hide yourself, so it leaves. Then my Big Bundle audio can get rid of most of the threats ON you…

I never released the Invisible activator, but if you pay for it, I’ll make it for you. I have used it on myself, and on my water, but I muscle tested, and the energy transfers to the audio, so I’ll record myself downloading it… just for you.

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11 thoughts on “Updated: The 3-headed hydra attachment and the “thing” hanging over my head”

  1. Thank you, Sophie! I am so glad you have gotten to the bottom of this and will gratefully pay for and use the invisible activator and then the Big Bundle.

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