Do we really have free will?

Teen+pregnancy+runs+in+my+familyDuring my walk today I had a conversation with a young man who said hello. He was going to soccer practice. He told me which school he went to… and that is how it began.

Some ten years ago I had a neighbor, a woman, who had had a life of turmoil. Divorce, death of a child, alcoholism, bad friends. She had a niece stay with her. She went to the same school as this young man I spoke with today.

The girl, in her first year, got pregnant and dropped out of school. Exactly like her aunt.

The question that should come up right now: how much free will do we have in deciding the course our lives will take? And how the heck a life script already didn’t work for our parents takes over our lives… if we have free will?

Another thing that has been bothering me for quite a while is a statement the actor gave about his character in an interview. The actor is Simon Baker, and the character is The Guardian, a lawyer sentenced to thousands of hours of community service for possession of illegal drugs.

And the statement was: my character is a jerk.

I stopped watching the show after that. I could not watch it. Because it showed that this actor, and probably everyone else stopped on the surface… and had no compassion for the weak willed addictive personality The Guardian had.




teen4n-web-4The two stories connect in that we have a short memory, even though we spend most of our time in the past inside our heads. But we are looking from the mind… and therefore we can’t see the big picture.

Past actions tend to repeat themselves, unless three things happen

  1. there is a conscious awareness that is brought to the past action, a conscious awareness that is clear that actions tend to repeat themselves.
  2. the circumstances, the environment that created the hot-bed for the action change
  3. there is a conscious course of action to prevent the path from happening again

When you treat someone who was born into a story as if they were innocent… as if they had free will, they will HAVE TO repeat the sins of the past.

I know I have a lot of explaining to do.

The girl who was born into a family with child mothers who quit going to school… was treated as if it had never happened. It could only be prevented if the relative warns the young girl, or if the girl is more aware than most people.

You have no idea that the culture of your parents, the culture of your elders influenced you in everything: when you got married. Who you marry. How much schooling you had. How you did in school… These are the visible parts.

The invisible parts, the world view, the thinking, the values or the lack of them are the real “motivators” to repeat a life you may not even respect, and you may not want to repeat. But you don’t seem to be able to avoid it.

Every parent, even the ones that hate themselves and their lives, want their child to live by their consciousness, to agree with what they believe, do what they do and do it the way they do it.

Is there anything more insane than that?

No wonder that the distance is getting bigger between expanding people and stuck in the mud people. No offense meant, just stating the obvious.

My articles about seeing the big picture, or about seeing below the obvious fall onto deaf ears: if you actually could get what I am saying, you’d have to cut this “tradition” of inheriting your stupidity to others… God forbid, right?

And that is why you aren’t getting unstuck, why nearly everything I do is wasted on you.

And such is life on Planet Earth… sigh.

Here is The Guardian’s trailer, if you have no idea what I am talking about…

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