How do I make my life move? What is the trick? How do you beat your projective mind

beat-the-mindIt’s 10 o’clock, and I just reached the predictable state of “why did I do it?”

At 11 o’clock I have a webinar scheduled to meet and greet, and test the Emotional Shock Absorber energy.

I don’t want to talk about the energy, I want to talk about, instead, the phenomenon of the mind projecting into the future and thus stopping us or making us rush, depending on the memory or our personality.

I don’t date because I have a long string of memories where I didn’t have fun. I am sure I had fun dates, but my mind keeps those from me.

I remember telling everyone that I never had fun, and yet lots of people know me as a fun and funny person, always laughing. That is not how I know myself.

I procrastinated for two years before I started to do my daily walks again.

I have been reluctant to clean my house, do the laundry, even to do the dishes. I am reluctant to pick up the phone, go to bed, give up cream in my tea…

My mind is calibrated to remember and project the misery… and no amount of positive experience has changed that.

So what can I do?



beat your projecting mindWhat I do is this: I throw my hat over the fence, so I have to climb over and fetch it.

This is exactly what I did with today’s webinar… I wrote a blog post promising it, then I scheduled the webinar, and now here I am… not wanting to do it… but my word is my bond, so I will do it.

I am sure it will be horrible… and I am also sure that everyone will love it.

The mind is a tricky thing and unless YOU run your affairs, the mind will always take you the wrong way.

I remember 30 or so years ago I participated in a goal setting seminar, and I created a vision of a publishing empire. A friend asked: What will you write about? I said: I have no idea. I have nothing to say.

So I first went on assignments for another guy’s magazine to write dining reviews. Then went to a calendar photo shoot and surprisingly I had something to say after the shoot. Go figure… lol

This is how the mind works. But today I know better. There is hardly any topic I have nothing to say about.

The biggest mistake people make is going to research before they use the head and think. I did that twice… both were a disaster.

So now I don’t… I sit down, I write, and if there is a detail I am not sure about, I look it up specifically.

I have learned to be the person who can. I have learned to be the person who’ll handle whatever comes up… in the moment.

So I don’t plan…

My plan for today’s webinar is to ask for suggestions about how to test the energy.

After all, the energy is to soften the blow of the effect of Dark Side Emotional transmission… but there is not guarantee that anyone, including me, will feel anything… in the excitement of the call.

So how will I do? I have no idea. Whatever will come up, I’ll just handle it.

Will I screw up? Hey, everything is possible. If I do, I’ll do it again.

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