The in-order-to syndrome that wastes your life… Do you have it?

dessertWhy were you happy as a child and what you lost that you could regain?

Children live for the now moment, until they get corrupted by their parents.

They do what they do NOT in order to get something else, not in order to get it over with, to get to the promised land…

Christmas and vegetables are the first means to destroy joy in children.

How many days till Christmas makes the days till Christmas something to get through, so the real thing, Christmas can come along.

And eating your vegetables so you can get to the promised land of dessert… You are doing that to your children… you are doing that to yourself. Other examples: get good grades so you can get into a good school… Study to get good grades… Study so you can dazzle by having the right answers… Recognize yourself?

But, luckily, that is a bad habit, it is not programmed in your DNA.

I created an activator a few years back. I named it with the famous words of Wallace D. Wattles: Put all power in all actions. It was not a good name… even though it is accurate… but people don’t know that they have been giving all their powers away to “in-order-to”.

2-ingredient-blueberry-dessert-5If you had parents and teachers, you are an in-order-to miserable wretch… I know it’s taken me a lot to claim most of my life back… But it was worth it.

Put all powers… the activator says, but you feel powerless… and you are mistaken. Your powers are leaked with your attention wondering to “some place is better than here” and to “something would be better, more interesting than this” or the prize you get at the end of the tunnel, the score board…. More, better and different.

I used to watch people drive like a mad person on the highways… When I asked them where they are hurrying, the most frequent answer was: I hurry to get home and relax.

I don’t know if it strikes you as insane the way it strikes me… They probably spent their days at work thinking of getting home, relaxing, fishing, vacation, watching TV… whatever, but not what they were doing.

When you eat for taste… you live that way. Rush through the phases of no taste… till you get to the good taste… whatever taste is good for you. Drugs, alcohol are like that.

You don’t go into anything deep… you are the 3-second orgasm man… always looking for the “thing” to get you through the day, get you through pain, get you through discomfort, get you through anxiety… the list is endless.

You want to survive life.

Not live it… survive it.

Eat-Your-Veggies-Before-They-Eat-You-from-Starling-Fitness-450x338I should have called that activator: transcend greed activator…

Because wanting what isn’t, wanting more better and different is greed.

Greed for stuff, greed for feelings, emotions, love, spirituality… it’s all greed.

And until you let it go, you’ll hate life, it will be something you want to survive to get to the good stuff… except

If you can’t enjoy the moments, you can’t enjoy the moments of the good stuff either… what a waste of life.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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