What is the difference between a human and a human being? Simply put: ownership

human-vs-undeadMy work is to take humans from the Valley Of The Shadow Of Death to the Promised Land… to Human Beingness. This post might be an important milepost in that.

I read an article in the Howard Business Review that points out a world view that is at the root of you staying a potential, you staying an effect, in every area of your life.

Although the article is a business article, business is a great analogy to life. Another great analogy is travel.

Travel is a much easier, much more accessible activity, so I will use it, while, if you want to read the original business article, I am enclosing it. 1

human-vs-robot human-vs-human-being humanDoing 802a1606cade7cde5b6896b9df618dfdThe capacities you have but don’t use are unfortunately many. What prevents you from using those capacities is your current world view… instilled in you by politics and religion, it was created for you and for billions of people.

Until you, mentally, put yourself into the position of owner, who is hundred percent responsible, and also accountable for everything, you need very few of those capacities, and therefore you don’t use them, don’t develop the skill to use them.

Ownership is an attitude.

Ownership is a place from where you handle yourself, make your decisions from, take your actions, or instruct others to take theirs.

Some distinctions, that are needed for successful ownership, need a little more light shed on them, because, my guess, you have no clue what they are… you only have the dictionary meaning, but no experience.

  1. Responsibility

    Responsibility is an attitude where everything that you have power over, belongs to you, and you have choices as to what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

    For the most part you are responsible for your actions, for your speaking, for your attitude. You are not responsible for your feelings or your thoughts. Those are outside of your power to control… no matter what anyone says.

    One of the ways religion enslaved you is by telling you to control your thoughts and feelings… or your urges! given that it’s not possible, you live a life of failure, and have been action accordingly: covering it up.

    When the emphasis is on the uncontrollable, you forget the parts of your life where you do have control… and this way you lose control of all your life. At least the sense of control.

    Without a sense of control no one can be happy, and no one will do much… and that is where most of you live.

    The only brilliant thing that makes the 12-step programs work, is the first step of the 12. In Alcoholics Anonymous: Declaring that you have no control over alcohol. Meaning: your urges to drink.

    Truth be told, you have no control over any of your urges, you have, on the other hand, 100% control over your decision to act on your urges or not.

    But I digress… so let me return to the original topic: ownership.

  2. Accountability

    The second capacity you need to use is Accountability.

    Accountability means: the buck stops with you. That it is up to you whether something will happen or not. You will do whatever it takes to cause a results you promised, even if it is not your job.

    Only people with “owner” attitude ever come close to being accountable. Others give lip service, but when you watch their actions, it is obvious they lied.

    Accountability needs you to be accountable to someone. There is a price to pay if you fail.

    The “someone” is a role… And you can invent it.

    Here is my example: most of my life I lived without accountability. But there have been distinct turning points. At age 16 I made myself accountable to honor my father’s gift to me and make it worth his while. (He bailed me out and as a result I wasn’t expelled from the high school I was attending. I went from third from the bottom of the class to second from the top in two years.)

    Unfortunately, at university, I wasn’t accountable to anyone… and that showed. I lost the advantage I “enjoyed” from 16 to 19.

    I didn’t become accountable again until I started my publishing venture in 1988. I took on being accountable to my readers. The way that sounded was “If I didn’t do what I do, there would be no one to do it.” My invented purpose was: Causing the possibility of authenticity and dignity in an area of life where there is none…

    I lived that accountability for 11 years, where I became deadly ill. And I became flotsam again: no accountability.

    Not until I became aware of my gift/curse: being a true empath with the ability to teach people to return to the path of evolution towards Human Being.

    I, again, saw that if I don’t do it, no one will. Not any guru I have ever heard about was even remotely in the same game… Not any guru is even in the “game” of beingness, the hallmark of a Human Being… they dabble in experience, they dabble in fixing, they dabble in feeding your greed, your need to be done for… but not in teaching you, assisting, you, helping you to beingness. None of them.

    And I have become available to Life. I could say All-of-it, Source… I have taken on the accountability to cause my own evolution, with the lofty words of Landmark, blaze a path.

    Like with world records, once one person does it, something fundamentally changes. Some invisible barrier lifts. And others can follow… in droves.

    We are not quite there: I guess evolution is trickier than speed records in running.

    But I don’t give up, in spite of the fact that I am not making much of any waves.

    As long as I keep my eyes on where I have power, I am OK with the results.

    Failure is the best indicator of accountability… Without accountability there is no failure…

  3. Astuteness, mental acuity

    The third capacity you need to practice is seeing the big picture, accurately.

    A better expression would be: seeing the whole picture… with nothing left out.

From Clueless to Human Being… how do you get started?

Most of you are probably clueless with all three capacities… so how do you get started?

If I were you, I would start with becoming accountable to something or someone.

I have promises to Consciousness, and I have promises to Soul.

Starting with a binding promise to your Soul to do its work, YOUR Soul Correction, is a wonderful place to start, but won’t be sufficient, because you need a playground, something to practice on.

You need to take on a project INSIDE which you can fail your promise to your Soul.

A project to learn a skill, a project to become healthy, a project to start a business, these are examples of what some students are using to grow themselves.

And you might want to do it publicly… left to your own devices, you’ll cheat, and quit.

For now you should hire me to be accountable to…

I do this type of coaching only inside Reclaim, where I guide each client to success in their project, to be true to their soul’s purpose, and to get closer the “promised land” of beingness.

If you think you are there… then Reclaim is for you.

If you are not ready for Reclaim:

So what if you are not there… will you be left behind? Using my activators can take you closer. Every person in my Reclaim, every person who is winning, has been with me for 2-3 years, using the tools for as long. It is something that you build up to.

You can’t climb the Mount Everest without building up to it. You can’t run a Marathon without first getting well enough, strong enough to run a mile…

And most of you can’t run the mile in the area of your life where you’d most need to get stronger.

PS: I don’t do any coaching outside of Reclaim. No one-on-one, no explaining what you need to do in email. I can take you on for that in Reclaim, but not outside of it. Sorry

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  1. Harvard Business Review article https://hbr.org/2015/09/to-become-a-leader-think-beyond-your-role

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  1. Amazing article Sophie.

    To your statement – But I don’t give up, in spite of the fact that I am not making much of any waves.

    Yes you are making strong waves,

    Much love,

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