Authenticity… your power belongs to you

being yourself through and through is authenticityAuthenticity examined through movies…

When I watch TV series on Netflix or Amazon, I am working… wouldn’t you like to get a job like that? lol.

When I was in high school, I joined every group, every course, went to every seminar that spoke about movie making, the art.

When I had my high school final exams, I got lucky and I pulled question #40 on movie making… I so fascinated the three teachers that were the “jury” that I upset the exam schedule…

The trick (what I didn’t know} was that I watched the movies on all levels, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. I felt the feelings of the characters, while I saw them and while I heard them.

360 degree experience.

My experience is that I can go to the movies with anyone, and come out and find out that we saw two different movies… Very weird.

Anyway… One of the phenomenon I can see, hear and feel, that most people can’t, is authenticity.





be-true-to-yourself-authenticTwenty years ago, I spent three years of my life to distinguish, for myself, what authenticity was… these are the words that I have come up with:

Authenticity equals: nothing is hidden.

But that was before I started to watch these long TV series. Some of the most authentic characters have had, in their lives, things they did, that they need to hide, or they will go to prison.

So this has been prompting me to revise my “definition” from 20 years ago, to include lying by omission, and even by commission… and yet be true to what real authenticity is. So, today I could say: authenticity is not hiding your real self. 1

Authenticity is a beingness. It means that who you are is the same through and through. That what you are NOT hiding is who you are.

Authenticity is missing in the horizontal world. Authenticity, seemingly, makes you vulnerable to others’ evil forces… but it is a seeming… you are vulnerable when you are NOT authentic, and NOT vulnerable.

Then your concern is driving your life, not you. Then you have given away your power to that concern.

So, we could say, that authenticity also means that you have not given away your power to a concern, a fear, an agenda, or other people.

Now you can see why it’s as rare as a huge diamond… very rare.

You also see that living an inauthentic life means living a powerless life. Maybe forceful, but not powerful.

Now, let me take a look at some gurus and teachers and healers… Their smiling pictures are all over the web… talking to you, assuring you that they are just like you: pretending to be happy and joyful. The smiling pictures talk to your fake self that is looking for confirmation that you are OK… even though you are not feeling good about yourself, about your life, about much of anything.

Like attract like is very true in this regard. Inauthentic people attract inauthentic people

My mailing list has remained around one thousand for the past four years… in spite of the fact that I get 4-5 new subscribers a day.

People may be attracted to something on my site, but they are not attracted to ME. Why? Because I demand that they be authentic, that they start thinking for themselves, that they do the work of a Human Being.

When you are all about yourself (even if on the outside you seem to be a do-gooder, a charitable person, maybe even a loving person, you probably are still all about yourself, how you look, how others think about you… about your greed for health, companionship, spirituality… Greed is all about you.) you are not attracted to someone who want you to be about something, not about yourself.

Anyway… I hope this article has made authenticity a little more accessible… a little more possible to you, if you are on the path to become a Human Being.

I promise a rewarding adventure slaying the dragons of pretense in your life.

PS: the curtail the inevitable gossipy curiosity, the two authentic characters I have found are Jane in The Mentalist, and Gibbs in NCIS. No hidden agenda… you get the real deal.


  1. But what if you are a creep? A conniving bitch? A psychopath? A greedy monster? Is authenticity available to you then? I guess it is… When you pull back all your power to yourself, you may have the energy to change, if you don’t like who you are, or if it doesn’t get you what you want in life. But as long as your energy is in pretending, you have no energy to change.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Authenticity… your power belongs to you”

  1. Sophie, I’m not sure where to start looking for my real self. I’ve often prided myself as a bit of a chameleon. As if that were some sort of prized skill. It’s like being an actor in my own life. I think this way of being has come out of an agenda to be accepted/liked. I guess the next question is: am I willing to risk not being liked? Ok, then. This is clearly my work to do, and thank you for allowing me this platform to flush some of this out.

  2. you are accurate Baheej, you’ll start to get glimpses of your real self when you say: “to hell with how I look… to hell with what others think… that doesn’t pay the bills, that doesn’t make me happy, doesn’t do me any good”

    it won’t be easy. be prepared

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